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Screen on when closing lid

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Martini-man, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I have a new macbook air 13'' 2010.

    I'm using windows through bootcamp.

    When I close the lid the screen keeps on.

    How can I solve this?

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    Find a battery (power) icon in the windows tray in the lower right corner, right click it and enter power options. There should be smth like "Change what compuer does when I close the lid", and change that to "sleep".
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    It's like the refrigerator light. How do you know if it stays on when you close the door (lid)? :eek:
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    Apple's notebook have an Apple on the back of the screen and are lit by the backlight of the screen, thus the Apple logo is still lit when the display is lit.
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    I think his comment was intended to be a joke and not a literal question.
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    Maybe. But there are people on this planet who never have seen such a thing, even when owning Apple products. I know many Apple owners who didn't know of the sleep feature and now are embracing it.
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    There is a possibility that the switch that senses the closed lid is broken. Its a simple magnetic switch, so the way to test it is to take something like a fridge magnet and run it along the outside edge of the plam-rest surface of your Air.
  8. Martini-man, Nov 10, 2010
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    It goes to sleep if I choose that option so the sensor should be ok right?

    I runned a magnet along the outside edge of the plam-rest surface of my Air and nothing happened.

    The thing is that I don't want it to sleep...

    I want it just to put the screen off and everything still working like any normal laptop under windows...
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    Sorry I meant the entire palmrest surface which means on either side of the keyboard as well. On my unibody 15" its just under the left speaker. You can also locate the corresponding magnet by running a paperclip around the entire bezel of the display. The magnet on my 15" will hold a paperclip in place even with the glass covering the display. If running a magnet over the corresponding place on the palmrest surface doesn't put your Air to sleep then that switch is the culprit. I hope this makes sense.
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    Um, its a computer, keep your magnets away from it. I know it doesn't have a hard disk drive any more but still, magnets aren't recommended. Yes apple uses them for things, but that's to localized areas.
  11. spinnerlys, Nov 10, 2010
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    Yeah, thanks. Completely forgot about that mishap. :eek:
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    Yep, forgot about the Windows part. Sorry. Maybe there is an alternative to InsomniaX for Windows? But as there are no real fan control applications for Windows out there, there might be no such thing as an alternative to InsomniaX.

    The only think that comes to mind: Disable and Prevent Laptop or Notebook from Sleep (Standby) or Hibernate When Closing the Lid

    Though it probably won't help you.
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    That's exactly what I do but the screen keeps on...

    On a normal laptop it turns off.

    My question is if this is normal to any 2010 air or does mine have a problem..

    Thanks for your help ;)
  17. Over Achiever, Nov 10, 2010
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    Over Achiever

    Please Delete.
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    What does that have to do with what I'm asking?

    You can know that by the options you choose before you close the lid...
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    Over Achiever

    Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread!
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    No problem ;)
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    As I didn't find a way to solve this I made a little exe that when executed puts the monitor brightness at 0.

    The monitor will be working but it won't consume "light power".

    When you open the lid up just press F2 to set the brightness to a higher (visible) level.

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    that's really nice, but I wonder if there could be a more automated way of turning screen down to 0 [and therefore off] at lid close, and then putting it back to full brightness when you open the lid....

    sounds like a feature request for power plan assistant :/...or windows 8, sigh...[they need a custom 'run exe' option under lid close and open actions]

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