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Screen Printing

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by JasonElise1983, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Hey Guys! (and gals)
    i'm looking for an online screen printing shop to do some t-shirts i've designed. I want someone that does good work on quality shirts, but sadly my wallet is slim so i'll take all recommendations. Really want someone that you've used before or atleast know the kind of work they do. Thanks alot

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    my band has used http://www.bluecollarpress.com and the shirts came out very well. You can see some other examples of shirts screen printed by them at http://www.crystalcityclothing.com/ (I'm pretty sure they use them). When my band ordered from them, the guy helped us out a lot since we had never had shirts screen printed before, I would highly suggest using Blue Collar Press.

    There's also http://www.mammothprintshop.com/. I've never used them, but I'm wearing one of their t-shirts right now and I love it.
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    Thanks! Those both look great. Now i just gotta finish the shirt designs. :confused: Thanks again, really

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    in all honesty, screenprinting your own stuff is a blast. i do it all the time (usually flat art), in fact i have to do about a dozen shirts this weekend. its really pretty cheap and quite easy. if you only need a handful of shirts its worth a look. if you need a huge selection of stuff then not so much.
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    I second the DIY, there are lots of places online to help you get going.

    And once you do, you wont want to stop.

    Its only a small startup cost, and you can have alot more control over your final product.

    Eventually you might even want to sell some.
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    I have always wanted to do my own printing. Can anyone here steer me in the right direction as where to look for info on this? Maybe some of you who also DIY. ;) Thanks!
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    Thanks shecky! That helps a ton. Not exactly sure when (or if) I'll be doing any screening, but it's always been an interest in the back of my mind. If I can get enough supplies to make a few shirts of one design for under $100, I'll probably give it a shot real soon. Where is a good place to buy supplies?
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    I'm bringing this back from the dead. I was supposed to have a workshop up at school, Poster Art: Silkscreen and Digital last week, but due to low numbers of registered students they decided to cancel it. It got me thinking of this thread and I was just wondering, how hard is this to do by yourself? Do I need to make a fancy press and all that jazz? Just curious.
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    Sorry, I'm at work and don't have time to read through all these sites. I vaguely remember now how they talk about how to make a screen, etc. I'll read through them all again when I get home this evening. Thanks once again for pointing out the obvious here shecky. Sometimes it's needed. ;)

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