Screen Protector dilemma *solve

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by T4R06, Jun 13, 2010.

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    what is your technique on placing screen protector. bought at ebay $8.49 2pcs screen protector included anti-glare (screenguard)

    i did with credit card but on edges is pain the ass!

    edit: problem solve

    do this will subside over time or i should fix this asap?
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    there looks to be a speck of dust under the larger part. Otherwise it does settle over least my powersupport one does.
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    Samething happened to me and my screen protector. It is because the screen protector was not aligned properly or it could have been cut too big. If you look at the edge of your ipad screen where it touches the aluminum you will see that there is a thin piece of black plastic that separates and keeps the glass screen from touching the aluminum. If the screen protector is not aligned and touches the black plastic part it will not sit flush with the glass screen which will not stick down. Mine did the same thing by the home button and i just left it. Doesn't matter to me since my case covers up the edges and you can't see it when it is in the case.
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    the dust is on top, i just remove it again. on a shot glass a small drop of dishwashing soap and water then apply on the protector did the job.

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