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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by cicihost, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    NuShield released a screenprotector for ipad.
    Nushiled says ; It's a glossy film but reflects the sunlight or the other light sources. But dont gives performance like matte screen protectors :)

    Has anyone used it? I need reviews.
    I am living in Turkey , i dont like to buy it for now , the shipping is expensive and tooks ~30 days to Turkey :)
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    No one used ?
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    It's Power Support Crystal Film...or nothing...for me. Sorry I can't give any feedback.
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    how is the fingerprints with ps crystal? better than naked?
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    Mine should be here on Monday. I'll let you know how they work out.
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    The crystal film still attracts fingerprints, but you have the peace of mind knowing that the screen beneath is still pristine and not prone to nicks and scratches from random objects, or even daily use.
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    I think you'll like it. :) I've had the PS Crystal Film on each iPhone I've owned (1st gen, 3G and 4), as well as my iPad, and I wouldn't consider any other.

    GREAT choice!
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    I know PS is the best choise on screen protectors.
    But i dont like glare and the fingerprints.. Matte protectors is best choise for me but the image quality and the sharpness? :(

    NuShield Dayvue says ; "Its a glossy product , but anti glare. Not good for direct sunlight or spotlight but good choise for a sunny day on a shade."

    **Sorry for my bad English , greetings from Turkey ;) **
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    Yes, I got mine. I actually love it more than the one on my MBP. This one is more like an "invisible" film. You can't tell it's on the iPad. I have a few small bubbles due to some dust that got on it but all good.

    You can see the fingerprints, however, it's still better than having prints on your gadget.
    My daughter is pretty rough, glad I got this within a few days. They are great with shipping.
    The one on my MBP is matte, and I think it's pretty ugly. But I don't have any glare. That's one tradeoff.
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    if fingerprints on a screen bug people, why do they use a tablet that demands the use of ones fingers and therefore leaves prints on ones screen?

    why not use a MBA?
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    I concur. Then there are some that use a stylus, but each has their own reason.
    Fingerprints don't bother me. Just glad to have this one there because my daughter doesn't exactly tap correctly, she uses her nails instead. :eek:
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    Thanks for the review..
    How is the image quality , sharpness and colors between naked and with a ps?
    The shipping cost is high to my country :( ~30$

    Is there a ebay seller that sells PS films?
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    Quality is exact same. It's just like an invisible shield. You won't know it's there.
    They have a 15 percent off code on facebook. I think that may help.
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    How is the anti glare? Any better than a naked screen?

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