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Screen Query 1.0, test for bad pixels

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by medea, Mar 28, 2003.

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    Screen Query 1.0 is a freeware utility that "assists you in testing your LCD or CRT monitor for 'bad' / 'stuck' pixels." It performs various test patterns to help diagnose a screen's pixels.

    Most people can tell when they have a bad pixel, but if not then this program will help pinpoint them, it just fills the screen with various solid colors and if you see a dot with discoloration then you spotted a bad pixel or it may be just stuck so try gently massaging it to work it back to life.
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    damn, i found 2 dead pixels with that thing that i had never noticed before!! and now i'm noticing them all the time!! argh... oh well
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    As I thought originally 0 dead or stuck, I guess I'm lucky...

    Or blind and I cant see the 1440 x 900 all pixels.
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    Jeez, now I'm afraid to try it. Better if I never know. :rolleyes:

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    A perfect Apple brand monitor with absolutely no dead or stuck pixels! :D

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    17" Studio Display

    Originally, I thought that I also had zero dead pixels, but over the past few weeks I've found 4. I don't notice them because the are stuck on neutral colors. Not bad for 1.2 million little guys.
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    What a depressing idea. This is a tool designed to reveal purely cosmetic defects about which one can do nothing. It transforms the unknown into the annoying, and I'm not letting it anywhere near my Powerbook. I choose to remain happily unaware of my dead pixels. :)
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    i already have pixel check and it does the job. This is like how apple browsers used to be. The other cool thing is that pixel check lets you pick your color to go on...
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    pixel check?

    Link us please.
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    Woo-hoo no dead pixel on my PB.

    At least, its a good program to check for dust and finger-prints.

    BTW, a CRT can have a dead pixel? I though it only effect LCD's

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