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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by mbryant52, Aug 15, 2006.

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    How noticeable is the increase in resolution from the iBook to the Macbook? Is there any substantial difference in actual usability?
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    1024X768 compared to 1280X800

    You can do the math of the percentage of increase of pixels
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    Despite glossiness, the screens are of a substantially better quality on the MacBook over the iBook.
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    I was hoping someone might attest to first-hand use experience of how much more functional the larger screen is.
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    There is a 76.8% increase in screen real estate. Pretty substantial, IMO. I used both in CompUSA, and the MacBook's screen is much better.
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    Super Macho Man

    It depends how you work. If you have lots of open windows and like to use apps side-by-side, then that extra resolution is very nice to have. If you like to maximize all your windows and use them all full-screen, then maybe it's not such a big deal.
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    That is very helpful. Thank you.
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    #8 you have got it wrong, how can it be that much more pixels.

    The iBook has 786,432. The MacBook has 1,024,000 pixels. That around ~30% if my maths is correct.
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    Here's a comparison I quickly made.

    Click to get the real size :)

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  10. reh
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    Just to reiterate, this figure is very, very wrong. The MacBook has about 30.2% more pixels than the iBook.
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    IMO it makes a very big difference. On my macbook I can see 2 full pages (word, preview, safari, etc.) side by side. Very helpful, and totally impossible on an ibook.

    The MB screen is also glossy (which is a very good thing, despite what many people who have not used it will tell you) and much brighter. In fact, I think that's where the 76% figure comes from: the MB is 76% brighter.
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    Oops. I had my proportion backwards. The iBook's screen is 33.2% smaller than the MacBook's.
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    I sold my G4 iBook to get the MacBook and after almost 1 month of being on the MacBook I still appreciate the extra "romminess" I get now. I too think it is fairly significant, and the 13" widescreen to me is just the perfect sweet spot. I don't like big notebook computers with 15-17" screens. I liked the 12" iBook but always felt kinda cramped. With my new MacBook, I feel like its just right. :)
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    Glenn Wolsey

    The MacBook screen res is a nice increasement from the iBook, but I still prefer using my 17" iMac anyday.

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