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Script to enable screen sharing

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by crackerjax, Jul 5, 2009.

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    Here's my dilema:

    My iMac was stole 4th of July night while I was out watching things explode overhead. Big deal. Also stolen was 3 1tb drives and 1 500gb drive. I need those drives back as 2 of those 4 drives are the redundant backups of my children's photographic and videographic existence. I have mobileme on my wife's account. I account has an uncrackable password. Hers has no password. Our sons is only allowed to use firefox->starfall.com. So, I think someone will use her user.

    I have a MBA/revA with mobileme on also, same account as my wife's. I have seen my iMac on the list of shared drives while away from home. Question is, is there a script I can move into the system via file sharing that will enable the probably turned off Screen Sharing so I can get an IP address and photo of the user.

    I've never used Screen Sharing, hence its probably off, and I wouldn't know how to start using it if it was on. How do I use it when its on? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Putting a script on the filesystem will do nothing: you would need the remote machine to execute it. This is not the same as you executing it once you've placed it there.
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    Obviously, but is there a location to put a file where it would be automatically run on next login or something?
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    I'd go ready up on launchd to see if you can drop a launch daemon script anywhere. I think you still need to tell launchd to register the script though. There is a StartupItems folder, but Apple says never to add or remove items: it's for system use...
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