SDK 7 Interface Builder - Crashing All The Time

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by MadDoc, Jun 11, 2008.

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    I have just installed SDK 7 (was previously running an earlier build - 4 I think).

    IB keeps crashing all the time. If I open it up and create a blank application then scroll the library scroll bar I get to the datepicker object and the whole app just hangs. This has happened despite repairing permissions, completely uninstalling the dev tools and re-installing and rebooting several times.

    Incidentally, if I double-click a .xib file in Xcode to launch IB it just hangs.

    Is anyone else having similar problems?

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    Thanks for posting a potential problem, you prompted me to test on a different computer than one I use for developing...

    However, I installed SDK7 and tried to reproduce the problem with the same steps you provided above (using IB directly and by opening a xib file) and had no problem, no freezes. I did simple stuff in IB and compiled ok, although I have not tested anything complex yet. I also ran uninstall-devtools prior to installing the update.

    I tested on a Mac mini 2 GHz Core 2 duo running your signature it still lists 10.5.2...could that be the problem? The Apple developer site says you need to upgrade to 10.5.3 to run SDK 6 and 7.
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    I'm having the exact same issue. Scroll down to the date picker and the application locks up.

    I'm running a macbook air. I'm trying to build a Cocoa Touch application.
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    Thanks for trying to reproduce the problem meclizine50mg,

    I am running 10.5.3 (forgot to update my sig!) on a C2D MBP.

    Glad to see I'm not the only person with this problem. I wonder what it could be? I can't afford to reinstall my OS to try to get it to work but I am losing valuable development time :(

    How do you file a bug report with Apple?

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    I installed the developer kit from the OS X dvd the other day mainly so I could gain use to using macports. I then installed the iPhone SDK today which is when I first wanted to try using Interface Builder.

    It doesn't seem to matter what I really do in Interface Builder, it just locks up.

    Running a macbook air
    OS X 10.5.3
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    I (think) i've fixed it using a tip posted on the Apple discussion boards.

    Simply change your timezone in system preferences to 'Cupertino' (i.e. Apple's HQ) and the problem goes away. Seriously. Very strange.

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    Yes, very strange. I have now tested SDK7 on a Mac Mini and a MacBook air, and haven't yet experienced a freeze. However, my timezone was already set to Cupertino :)

    I was wondering though....when I uninstalled the previous SDK prior to installing SDK7, I used the following uninstall script:

    sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools
    I don't know if it matters, but did you use the same?
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    Interface builder isn't locking up per se

    though if I try to access the help, it will launch XCode and then XCode will promptly freeze:mad:
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    It is a special feature of the NDA that comes with the iPhone SDK. When the SDK notices that the recipient is likely to breach their NDA, it will do all these kinds of nasty things. After more than two posts on MacRumors in breach of the NDA it will format your hard drive.
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    I still don't see where you are getting all this NDA nonsense, anyone in the world can download the SDK free of charge. Its not a secret, there is no NDA, quit saying that there is!

    Certain parts that are available to the devs who got accepted into Apple's special programs have access to parts(such as the app store) that are under NDA, but if all you are doing is downloading the SDK and playing with the emulator, its hardly a secret. I don't see why Apple would be upset about people helping other people develop for their device anyway. Quit telling people they aren't allowed to get help with a product Apple freely distributes to everyone in the world to help promote an Apple product and may eventually help Apple make money because of imagined NDAs.
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    You either didn't download the iPhone SDK, or you didn't read all the stuff in the mighty long text field above the "I agree" button. Now I don't care what kind of trouble you get yourself into, but you really really shouldn't encourage anyone else to break a legal agreement through your willful ignorance.
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    Yeh, THAT was hard to find. And yes, I did in fact read the agreement and there is NOTHING in there that would prevent people from talking about how to debug programs or problems with interface builder.

    The only thing that you aren't allowed to talk about is information that isn't accessible to the public. The stability or instability of interface builder(which isn't just for the iPhone) aint on the list. Please stop using the NDA threat against people with legitimate questions, it really stifles the conversation and distracts those of us who follow the rules and want to develop iPhone applications.
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    In case you can't get your head around it: iPhone SDK is _not_ available to the public. Everyone who clicks on "I agree" is _not_ the public anymore, but someone who has agreed to the NDA. Apple invites everyone above the age of 18 to join the club; that doesn't mean every member of the public is member of the club.

    Ask yourself this: If a gazillion programmers employed by Microsoft and Nokia download the SDK, and copy everything they find into their own products, what will Apple do? Sue them for every penny these companies got. If these same programmers read something on the publicly available MacRumors page, and copy it into their own products, what can Apple do? Nothing.
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    According to you then Mac programmers should never be allowed to talk about anything because someone else may incorporate the ideas.....

    So therefore, by that logic we shouldn't be allowed to talk about Leopard programming either because Microsoft could take ideas from that. After all, in order to join the club of Leopard programmers you have to click an "I agree" button.

    Have you actually bothered reading the agreement? I have. It mentions nothing about not being allowed to discuss issues with the SDK itself or even features. You don't have to sign a thing to get access to the WWDC videos about the SDK. There are other types of intellectual property laws that cover copying ideas, NDAs are not it. Not to mention the dubious legal position that EULAs have to begin with, and no court in the land would hold up that you cannot talk about a program that is available to anyone, legally, for free, in the world.

    You are obviously not a lawyer and are contributing nothing to the conversations other than spreading FUD. I kindly ask that if you have nothing to say, please stop spreading NDA nonsense. Its annoying and just plain wrong.

    If you feel I am in error, please cite SPECIFIC parts of the EULA that prevent programmers from giving advice to each other, otherwise please keep quiet.
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    Thanks for the tip. I'm from Brazil and set my timezone for my hometown. I'd set as indicated and the Interface Builder stop freezing.

    Realy Weird... Is that on purpose or it's just a bug?

    Thanks anyway, now IB is working!
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    Whether you like it or not the iPhone SDK is under an NDA. Read section 5 of the license agreement. Particularly the part that states:

    There is a reason why discussion of the iPhone SDK has been banned on the Apple mailing lists.
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    Wow that works. Annoying because it changes my system time, but at least it works!
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    Yet it is allowed to continue unhindered on the Apple Developer Discussion boards.
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    I have the same problem !

    Did anyone solve this issue ?
    changing the time zone don't work for me.

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    Resolution for other time zones

    I had the problem too. Applied the resolution with Cupertino TZ, and could restart the IB. When getting back to my time zone (Rio de Janeiro), the application was hanging up again...

    BUT, if you change TZ to cupertino, then choose for exemple the Cocoa Application template, then change TZ back to your place, then quit normally, things go back to normal and you can open the app again.

    I think the whole discussion about NDA - yet interesting - has nothing to see with the fact we should use Cupertino as a TZ or not...

    In any case, this situation seemed to happen to me after I upgrade the iPhone SDK to the iPhone 2.1 SDK...

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    Interface builder keeps on crashing i need help

    Hello everbody i have a macbook the newest one.I am starting to learn how to build applications so i bought a book and everything.Ever time i go to interface builder and i click go to tools then libary then i click on inputs and values and it crashes.WHat do i do please help!!!!:rolleyes::mad::apple::confused::eek::(

    Thank you

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