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Seattle, WA - U-District Store 3G launch

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by jo0, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. jo0
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    Will be lingering about most of the day :D Come say hi!
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    I'm going to be in Seattle on holidays from Canada during the launch and plan to be there to get the 3G iPad. With the 5pm launch time, I'm just trying to figure out what time to show up.
  3. jo0
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    i know...im really unsure of what to expect considering wifi release, presales, etc. so i'll likely spend most of my mid afternoon around shopping and keeping a close eye. plenty of things around.
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    Yup - my wife and I will be doing the same thing. She'll of course be doing the shopping while I keep an eye on the line at the Apple Store.
  5. jo0
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    #4 in an ever growing line. looks like about 25-30 right now.
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    Did they say how many they have in stock?
  7. jo0
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    no all they say is "first come first serve."
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    Nice to meet you today. Wow did I over estimate demand. Oh well, it was cool being first into the store.
    Loving my iPad so far.
  9. jo0
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    hah yeah same to you mate. was i the only one that felt awkward being ushered in by overly happy and clapping apple employees?? ohwell. it was worth it. enjoying it very much.

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