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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by snowwhite007, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Looking to get either a Mac mini or iMac price aint the problem so what you guys reckon?
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    Well if price isnt an option then the iMac is a better machine. It obviously comes with a screen/speakers, and has better specs than the Mac Mini (better processor, more RAM than the base Mac Mini, and a better graphics card).

    Ofcourse, it is more expensive, but you did say that money wasn't a factor so...Why not the iMac? I personally have an iMac/MBA set up, and I have to say that its great; MBA for when I'm on the move, and my iMac for when I'm at my house.

    Something you could also consider is buying a Thunderbolt Display (or any other type of external display) for your MacBook Air instead.
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    Yeah secondary display is also an option but i feel that it may be somewhat weird lol Just wondered if the Mac mini would be good choice as it could be used with my lcd hd tv
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    Well if money truly isnt an option then the iMac is obviously the best. They are more powerful than the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini.

    I personally watch TV and go on my computer at the same time, so for me I wouldn't take the Mac Mini. I think whats best for you is either a 27" Thunderbolt display, or an iMac. You can pick up a base 21.5" iMac for the same price as a Thunderbolt Display here in the UK, I assume its going to be similar wherever you live.

    Maybe if you tell us about your MacBook Air, that would helps solve the question. If you are using an older MBA, then the iMac would be better for the extra power, but if you are using a new MacBook Air, then the Thunderbolt display would probably be best as they are powerful enough.
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    iv got the 2011 256gb 1.8 model so you reckon i could get away with just having a large display?
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    Definitely could (well with a keyboard and mouse). It's what I use and my MBA is my machine for everything. I've got a 24" 1920*1200 and it works a treat. Am considering Thunderbolt display very much so! If you intend to use it for games then just go for an iMac as the MBA isn't great with games and nor too will the MacMini
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    Cheers guys think ill get a display see how i go cheers for the feedback

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