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Seeking InDesign PageMaker Plug-In Pack

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Moof1904, Aug 26, 2005.

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    I have InDesign CS and I'd like to have the functionality offered by the PageMaker Plug-In pack that Adobe used to sell for $9.95 or $19.95 or whatever. (Specifically, I'd like to have numbered steps in a style and I understand this is one of the functions of the plug-in pack).

    I see that Adobe has conveniently discontinued the plug-in pack now that they have folded these features into InDesign CS2. I'd rather not spend the $160+ for this single feature when the plug-in pack will suffice.

    Does anyone know where I might find this?
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    Customers who already have InDesign CS can order and download the Adobe PageMaker Plug-in Pack from the Adobe Store for US$49. The Adobe PageMaker Plug-in Pack is expected to be included with the Adobe Creative Suite Premium Edition and Creative Suite Standard Edition in Spring 2004.
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    That's great news. Any chance you can provide me a link? I've searched adobe.com and found nothing.
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    Pagemaker Plug-in Pack for InDesign?

    Did you ever find a copy of the Pgm plug-in for InDesign CS? I need it to convert old Pgm 6.0 files (don't want to get CS2 to be able to do that.) Thanks.

    p.s. -- the plug-in is no longer available at the Adobe store.
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    No, I never found one. I've rather given up. I was wanting it merely to do automatic numbering in a paragraph style and I decided to use FrameMaker under OS9 instead. It's a shame that FrameMaker isn't available for OSX, but that's an entirely different thread...

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