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Sending from MobileMe, as Gmail?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by soco, Mar 13, 2010.

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    I've set up MobileMe to receive my Gmail, but is it possible to reply with MobileMe (via iPhone) as my Gmail address?

    ie. Gmail receives Email A > Gmail forwards Email A to MobileMe > User replies to Email A with Email B from MobileMe > Original sender receives Email B reply from Gmail address, sent from MobileMe.

    I feel like I horribly over-complicated that...

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    Yeah, I do this. Just set your OUTGOING server to gmail's information instead of mobileme. All of my emails appear to come from gmail.
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    Ungrateful, do the emails then appear in your gmail sent folder, mm sent folder, or both?
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    Let me check.... they appear in gmail sent folder, not MM sent folder.
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    Gorgeous, it works :)

    Much appreciated!
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    I do exactly this on my iPhone...receive mail on my MobileMe account, and send from my Gmail account. My Gmail account is also set to forward e-mail to MobileMe (since MobileMe receives via Push on the iPhone.

    However, I have not been successful for some reason in setting up my iPad in the same exact manner. I tried a couple of times and I keep getting an error message popping up when I try to send. Anyone else have this issue on an iPad?

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