Sent mail not showing up in "Sent" folder

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Ztormie, Sep 12, 2012.

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    I just wrote a rather long mail to my aunt (who uses a iCloudmail-adress). I right clicked on her adress from an old mail she sent, and chose "Write New", so there's no chance that I misspelled it. When I pressed the Send button in the native ML Mail-app it did take an unusually long time to send the mail, but after maybe 20 seconds I heard the familiar "Wooosh" sound. When I checked my "Sent" folder it did not show up there however.

    Is there a chance that the mail didn't get through or how should I interpret this?
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    Do other emails show up in the sent items or are you saying just that one did not appear?

    Log into and check the sent items. Mail sent from the still shows up as sent items on the web interface. Providing you have it check marked to do so in preferences.
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    Yeah, all other emails I've sent show up in the Sent folder, so it's just this one that "dissapeared". I checked the mail and it didn't show up there either. But I didn't get an errormessage and the familiar send-"woosh" sounded so I just can't imagine why it didnt get through. :confused:
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    Trying to keep things simple, so how about calling your Aunt or send her another email asking if she got the first one. As you know computers sometimes do strange things. If it is just that one email I would say it was some kind of strange hiccup , unfortunate since you spent a lot of time writing the email. Sorry I can't suggest anything else.
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    Yeah, I thought I'd wait until tonight and then send her another one if she hasn't replied. Thanks for your suggesstions though, I just got confused since this has never happend before in all my years using Apple mail-app.
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    I understand, and since you don't own the IMAP server you can't just check it's logs :) Makes it hard to troubleshoot.
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    From your description, I am wondering if you resent the old message you used to grab her address and did not send a new message?
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    No I'm positive I wrote it in the smaller "New Mail"-window, put in a title and everything and then sent it.

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