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Set up as new or from backup?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by n2deep, Oct 30, 2012.

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    I just purchased a 2012 MBA to replace my mid 2009 MBP and was wondering if I should set up as new or restore from a backup?
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    Up to you! Personally, I'd setup as new and just transfer files from a previous backup. This would let me purge unnecessary files or programs that may have accumulated throughout the years. Restoring from backup would be a lot quicker and easier though!
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    I have to agree. While restoring from a backup will quickly set up your system exactly how it was so you can continue working, I like to use the move to new hardware to do a bit of "spring cleaning" with my files. I find it easier to distinguish what stuff I need and stuff I don't need when I'm transferring it to the new system.
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    Just to make sure I got this... when you guys talk about transfer, did you mean you will hand pick all the files we needed from the old Mac and move it to the new Mac, right?

    When you guys talk about restore, I assume you mean Migration Assistance and copy everything from the old Mac to the new Mac, right?
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    Is it possible to connect the two together maybe via USB to bring files over or should I just drag them to a thumb drive? What's the best way if I don't restore from back up?

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