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    In an effort to get more people to join Macrumors - Team SETI I suggest we compile a list of benchmarks for processing seti work units.

    This will allow people to see how many WUs they could crunch.

    My Dual PII400 takes about 11:30 for each work unit.

    When I get a :D mac:D I'll post more benchmarks...
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    Of course there are

    Of course there are ET's out there! Hvow could it not be?

    Just set up my PowerBook G3 AirPort Base Station (yes, I know I should have bought the real thing, but it works, yes?) with SETI. That + iBook + iMac should get us som WU's.
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    About 6 hours for 2 units on my Dual 1Ghz.
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    I have a Dual PIII700Mhz sitting around doing nothing, anyone got any estimate as to how long it might take this to process a unit? Maybe I'll set it up as a SETI only machine and do my little bit in the search for ET :D
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    I had a single processor AMD Athlon 650Mhz which used to finish units in about 13 hours or so (CLI).
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    Mr. Anderson

    That makes me sick. My 450MHz G4 takes so much longer. I'm going to need a new machine soon. But, I'm just glad to help, so what if I have no chance at being a big contributer.:D
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    Well...I've just set it up and kicked it off; TWICE! Running under CMD once per 700Mhz CPU. Should do ok, not as good as my DP 1Ghz G4 but as this will just be left for nothing more than SETI 24/7 it'll make up for it :D
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    dual althon XP 1900+ =>2 units every 4 to 4.5 hours (running one client per processor)

    dual G4 500 =>2 units every 10 to 11 hours (running one client per processor)

    command line clients in both cases

    combined, over 100 units a week running about 22 to 23 hours/day untouched (don't really have time to use them right now)
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    Anyone artistic feel like making a MacRumors - Team SETI banner?

    Maybe arn could put it on the main page...

    Upto 67 members:D but the stats are still messed up:(
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    2 SETI Clients?

    How do you run 2 SETI Clients? Is there any special software to use? Steps?

    Dual Athlon MP 1600+, 1 Client, avg. 5 Hours/WU
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    wow only a half hour difference between the 1600 and 1900 O_O

    to run to clients, first download the windows command line client (althought not marked for XP, they will work in XP BTW), grab the executeable after unzipping the file, and copy it to to DIFFERENT directories in your program files folder. then just double click each, and they should each open terminal windows. as long as you dont close the windows, they'll run
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    Sturm375 said
    Only works with command line client.

    Make 2 directories e.g seti0 and seti1 put a copy of the client in both directories.

    When starting the client use the flag -cpu 0 to bind the first instance to processor0 and -cpu 1 to bind the processor to processor 1, this increases performance I think...

    Check the SETI FAQ for more details.
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    I thought darwin did that for you? cuz the app won't seem to use more than one processor itself
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    I am thinking of joining our SETI team but I have a few ques.
    1. Can you turn off the computer when you are using crunching and resume when you log back on?
    2. How fast will a work unit take on a 700mhz G3?
    Please explain some of this to me. Does the thing have to run uniterupted? or can I stop and start it.

    I hope for some answers soon, I have computing power to offer!
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    Re: QUestion?

    SETI is like any other program, it only runs when you tell it too. As it runs it saves its progress to the hard disk so that if you quit the program + then decide to continue, you start where you left off. I reckon that a 700Mhz G3 will take about 10 hours to process a unit (a guess).
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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: Re: QUestion?

    Something must be wrong with my system then, I'm running a 450 MHz G4 and its taking almost 20 hours to do a unit. Anyone got numbers on a similar machine? Should I allocate more memory - running in OS9?
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    I have a Dual 1Ghz Powermac that does about 2 units in 6 hours. I would expect your G4 system to do a unit in roughly twice the time? On OS9 my times vary a lot (7-11hours), in OSX my times range from 5 and a half - 6 and a half hours. OSX is much better in my opinion.
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    My SETI marks

    Well I downloaded SETI and I have had it running fo a little bit, and here is what I have.
    My Snow iMac at 700mhz has done 7% in 48minutes AT that rate I guess it will take 10 hours. Although I can't run it while I'm at school:(
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    Re: Re: Re: QUestion?

    I suggest you leave the memory allocation alone (it wont speed things up I dont think). SETI does not use Altivec so you might as well be using a G3 (Same for all of us). Its a real shame that it does not use the unit of the processor that makes macs fast!
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    I took 14hours on my iMac 600 w/640MB RAM..but thats somewhat irrelevant because it was running by itself when noone was logged in but while resting in someones account, it had to compete with folding@home which is also running on my it would actually be faster than the 14 hours if it was the ony program here/.,.
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    I ran seti on my P2 200 for a long time. had 120 units completed when I stoped. I had a 20 h/ unit average. I lost the password/ e-mail adress for that account, but . . . I just started again.

    Now I am on a Athlon t-bird 1.2 ghz with 512 mb ram. I have only two units so far. One at 15 hrs. and one at 7.5 hrs. Interestingly enough, I upgraded to windows xp between the two units. I think that xp has really sped up my computer. As of yet I have nothing bad to say about it.

    I have been on pc's all my life, and I plan on getting a mac when I get to college.
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    At my current rate I am at 30% at 6 hours, looks like 18 hours a unit!
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    All my times are in OS X, CLI, with a 'nice -19' modifier. All systems are being used whilst crunching SETI data:

    933 QAg - 7.5 hours per unit
    400 Sawtooth - 12 hours per unit
    366 iBook - 24 hours per unit

    This one's running OS 9 and is never used for anything other than SETI:
    200 MHz 3400c - 65 hours per unit
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    Question! Does nice -19 mean that it is the highest priority OR is 1 the highest priority??? I have mine set to 1 but seem to be getting slower unit times.

    Dual 1Ghz ------ 6.5 --> 8 hrs per unit
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    Looks like the SETI stats are sorted:

    Members: 77 (we can do better than this!)
    Results Received: 24380
    Total CPU time: 41.565 years

    This is great for a team only 6 days old, but we could still do with more members...

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