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SETI Thread

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by G5orbust, Sep 13, 2002.

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    This is just a curiousity to see who runs seti, how fast they run it (how many minutes it takes to finish one percent) and how many data blcks they have completed.

    I run my seti on a 933 g4 and it runs about 5 minutes per percent (about 9 hours per data block) and ive completed one data block.
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    This thread is pretty much along the same lines as this one, allthough it's from some time back (Nov 2001!), but never the less you still may find it interesting.
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    thanks. BTW do u run seti by any small chance??
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    shouldn't this be in the "Distributed" forums?
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    welp, looking at my status, seti has been runnin fer 4hrs and 6mins and has completed 65.83%
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    oops forgot about the distributed forums. O well i went to the next best thing... general discussion.
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    Wow, thats pretty fast.

    im curretnly at 17% at 1 hr 50 minutes
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    Now its at 5:15 and 83% complete

    yeh, its fast, I wonder why...

    Im using the command line version on a new DDR 1Ghz :)

    But is has gone slower than this before, longest i ever seen it take was like 8hr for the whole thing

    Are all packets basically the same size?
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    The longest ive see it take was 23 hours on a pb 450 g4. ad all packets are different.
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    Mine take 12 hours per processor on a dual 450 G4
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    between 4 and 5 hours (closer to 4 average) per unit per CLI client running two clients on my dual 1900XP box

    between 10 and 11 hours per unit per client runnint two CLI clients on my dual 500 G4

    i remember running the graphical client in OS9, and then when I first tried the graphical client on my PC it just FLEW....speed was just amazing.... must be about the same for the dual gig G4 users :D

    approaching about 3,000 units.... a lot of which are from my G4, whose power supply recently clogged from doing all that crunching >_<

    all units are not only different, but sometimes if there's too much interference that it just dumps the unit and grabs another...I've had like 5 min work units from this he he :D
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    which is better, the command (terminal) interface or the GUI version of SETI?
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    Command line! You can also take proper advantage of dual CPU's with the command line client.
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    can the command line one use my profile taht ive already made??
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    If you mean your username you have registered with SETI then yes, no problem at all.
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    what about my progress?
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    ya, it'll just ask you to enter the email address that you registered with them

    you could also run 1x GUI client and 1x CLI client on a dual processor machine, but it will only be using both processors for crunching when the GUI client goes to blank screen, so it's not really worth it he he :D
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    hehe i tried the command line one. Guess im not as good at UNIX as i tohught i had to be. O well, the GUI one works stunningly for me and the screen saver version... even better.
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    Re: SETI Thread

    The P4 I use at work is I believe a 1.4GHz machine. I get around 43 hours per data chunk! :rolleyes:

    My Pentium Pro 200 at home I think gets around 100 hours per unit.

    I have 26 completed.
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    Re: Re: SETI Thread

    whoa....... my 933 g4 pulls like 13 hours per chunk. God, and tehy say P4s are so much better.... (no offence to ur computer)
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    Sorry to burst your anti-P4 bubble, but read the upcoming link and weep (version 3.03+ results links on the left):


    Using a stardard packet, the fastest Athlon does (1900mhz) it in 2:48, fastest P4 (2200mhz) does it in 2:58. Those scores are from January. A slightly newer link from that page is here:


    Which shows a P4 @ 2502mhz pulling a 2:34 packet.

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    Oh hey look, there's a 1000mhz G4 score from February!


    7:07 though, that's pretty far behind the PC's, but pretty much in line with what I expect from my own DP-800. Oh hey look a little above the G4, that's a Duron at 1.03ghz that scores 7:03. Sheesh, so much for that whole Megahertz Myth huh? :) Hahah.
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    The fastest its ever gone was just under 1 minute for a data block. It's done that three times or so over the years. On my iBook and iMac it takes about 18 hours per unit.
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    Re: Re: Re: SETI Thread

    OK ok, I tried this again using the commandline client.

    BOY! Did that make a difference!

    On the P4 ~1.4GHz machine, it seems to be around 5 hours per packet. Not sure about my PPro, I left it running with command client this morning. :D
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    Hehe, guess new P4s just completely smoke us..... Well, the again, most people running a newer P4 like taht probably woundt be running seti. Theyd prbably be running games, cuz no doubt their system came w/ a kik arse graphics card of some kind. I tihnk 13 hours is fast enough for me.....

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