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Discussion in 'iMac' started by jordanogrady, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Hi all,
    I currently have a macbook pro, and i'm hoping to recieve delivery of my new i7 iMac tomorrow, but I have a few questions....

    I currently have a time capsule and its backing up my macbook....

    I just have a few questions....

    Can i transfer my programs from the macbook to the iMac? I know there is copyright protection of some sort, but i don't want to have to spend the £££ on more programs.... I was thinking of maybe restoring from the time capsule, and was hoping it would move all my programs....

    Next would be aperture photo's and iPhoto photo's...
    How can I transfer these to the iMac...?

    Any help on moving things across would be great!

    I would still like to keep the programs on my macbook if possible, like word, and pages, aperture 3.....

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    You can connect the other Mac and use Migration Ass't (not restore; you're migrating, even if from your TM, not restoring).

    Most licenses for Mac applications let you have one for a desktop and one for a laptop as long as it's one user and only one is used at a time, but there are many exceptions, especially utilities. The software purchased at the Mac App Store allows you to install it on all your machines registered under your Apple ID with the store.

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    First I'd recommend ignoring the first poster and DO NOT use Migration Assistant!!!!!

    The easiest method of transferring all your information from your MBP to the new iMac occurs when you initially turn on the iMac. When you do you're starting Setup Assistant. Migration Assistant and Setup Assistant are cousins, they're somewhat similar but different. MA will create a new user account whereas SA will not. If you use Setup Assistant it offers a much smoother transition! Setup Assistant will ask if you are migrating from another Mac, in your case answer "yes" and then it will ask if you want to restore from a Time Machine connection or directly from the iMac or another volume such as a Bootable Clone. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and let it do it's work. One word of caution though DO NOT repeat DO NOT use wi-fi to migrate, this could literately take a week! Your best bet is to connect via Ethernet from the Time Capsule to the new Mac. If you can make a USB connection then I'd suggest this too, it will be slower than Ethernet however the results are good.

    To prepare yourself I'd STRONGLY recommend reading the Lion Setup Assistant Tips. This will show you what to do and what to expect.

    Your transition should be very smooth if you follow the on-screen directions from your iMac.
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    Jan 31, 2010
    So if i set this up using the set up assistant, will I be able to use all programs on both machines?


    Are there any downside to transferring all this info?
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    Yup, Nope.
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    LOL That answer is contradictory in its self!

    After 5 hours, finally got the iMac up and running! transferred all the data over, now going to strip the macbook down a little as i won't need all the info on that!

    Thanks for all the advice!


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