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setting up my avatar

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by question fear, Jul 24, 2004.

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    question fear

    So i noticed as I posted this morning I have reached 6502, but i can't figure out how to upload my avatar? I can see the edit avatar option but theres no way to upload anything, it just has the no avatar selected option there. :(
    any suggestions?
  2. jsw
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    It takes a little while for it to show up. Soon enough, you should see something like I've attached below....

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    question fear

    yep. i saw it.
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    So can I just reply to this 497 more times real quick and then I can get an avatar? Cool....496...
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    yeah, you could do that, but it'd be a shame to get the boot, wouldn't it? The wasteland isn't all that inviting.
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    well, i noticed you figured it out
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    Are there any tips on making it animated? So many people have cool animated avatars. I haven't much experiece with that...but when I get one I want it to be really exciting... like applemacdudes dancing bananas :)
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    so where do i find out how many posts get you differnt ratings? i can't seem to find? am i being blind? stupid? or am i just a being a PC user?
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    You become a Mac Rumors 6502 (and can upload an avatar) at 500 posts.

    Photoshop and ImageReady are probably the best way to put together a good animated GIF. Simply make each frame its own layer.
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    any share/freeware apps to do this?
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    Well, there's GifFun and GifBuilder, but neither of them are really any good (GifFun's GIF's are too big, and GifBuilder's are low quality).
    And if you used one of those, you'd still probably need something Photoshop-esque to create the frames for the animation.
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    AVATAR STATUS BABY!!! :) :D :) :D :)

    And thanks to this thread I will hopefully have a cool avatar soon!

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    er i think i have avatar status now (i know i just passed 500 posts). . . but am also having trouble seeing this. maybe just waitin ga little more. . . wait wait wait. . . while im waiting you have any ideas for a cool avatar? i know ive posted another thread about this but any more ideas help!

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