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Setting up Xcode 3.x.x

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by larswik, May 21, 2011.

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    So I took your guys advice and started with Objective-C. For my Pascal class I used a Linux machine and have not used Xcode in a while. Also I just finished installing it on my new 6-Core machine.

    Are their any default preferences I should set up? Also when I ran the default 'Hello World' on the console it came up with a bunch of junk I want to get rid of, like the GNU, copyright and 10 other misc lines of information.

    Where do I shut that off?

  2. jiminaus, May 22, 2011
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    You can't shut off the initial output of gdb under XCode. XCode is invoking gdb with the -q option that is meant to suppress the initial output, but for some reason the initial output is still appearing. When I invoke gdb (either in /usr/bin or /Developer/usr/libexec/gdb) from the Terminal, it does suppress it, so I don't know where the bug is.
  3. jiminaus, May 22, 2011
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    Having just seen code you posted in another thread, I would suggest changing Xcode to indent using spaces instead of tabs. I can't tell you where this setting is in the XCode 3 preferences, I've been using XCode 4 for too long to remember. If there's a Text Editing group, try under that.

    Edit: Thanks to Google Books, I found the relevant pages of an XCode 3 book. Under the indentation group, untick "Tab key inserts tab, not spaces".
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    I was holding off on Xcode4 for because people said it was buggy. Also I was worried if they changed it so much that the book I am reading will look different then what is on the screen.

    1. Should I get 4?
    2. Will 4 overwrite 3 (I would like to keep 3 intact just in case?

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    They can install side-by-side in say /Developer and /Developer4. I remember people saying XCode 3 got moved into a folder called something like /Developer-old when they installed XCode 4 via the Mac App Store.

    I've not found XCode 4.0.2 to be buggy. I (for one) prefer XCode 4 to XCode 3. But I would suggest sticking with XCode 3 for now, only because books and the material on the Internet is oriented towards XCode 3. XCode 4 is quite a bit different in lots of aspects.
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    I will hold off, thanks.


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