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Setup Mixed Wired/Wireless Network

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by soulsurfing, Aug 19, 2008.

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    Newbie here in mixed networks.
    I have the following scenario:

    I would like to setup my iMac (Intel C2D with 10.5.4) to share its internet connection. The iMac is connected to the internet through AirPort but I would like it to share its internet connection via ethernet to my PowerMac (also 10.5). The powermac does not have wireless but is connected to the iMac through a router.

    Is it possible to setup my iMac to share its internet connection with the PowerMac? Which settings do I need to set?

    I currently have set my iMac to share its internet connection from AirPort to ethernet but somehow my PowerMac cannot connect to the internet. My PowerMac DOES see the iMac on the network, but just cant connect to the internet. Please help.
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    If you are only using the router as a switch, that is both computers are plugged into "LAN" ports, and the router's DHCP server is disabled then this will work. But if you are actually using the router as a router then it will not work.

    A "router" is a device that connects two different networks. This is not what you need, you want both computers on the same network.

    You would be better off using either a switch, hub or just a cros over cable to connect the two computers. That said, must rounters can be used (abused?) to act as switches.
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    Thank you for clarifying that and answering my question. I really appreciate it. I was thinking of using a crossover cable next to get this to work.


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    This is basically 100% wrong.

    If both the iMac and PowerMac are plugged into the router, they're almost certainly plugged into the switch that is built into the router. Those ports all act as peers to one-another on a switched network and have little to do with the routing responsibilities of the box.

    Also, DHCP has nothing to do with routing or switching the network. It's just an extra service built into the box to make managing the network a bit easier.

    To the OP: How is the iMac getting a wireless signal, if not through the router? Are you leeching off of a neighbor, getting it from a university network, or what?

    At any rate any network cable between the two machines will work. Apple has installed "smart" Ethernet ports on its machines for years, so it can detect when a "straight" cable has been connected to the two ports and will automagically determine which port to "flip" to make the cable work correctly.

    If you connect both machines to the router, disconnect the router from the internet (assuming that it has a cable or DSL modem attached to its uplink port), disable DHCP on the router, and enable sharing on the iMac, there's no reason why it shouldn't work.
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    My modem and wireless router and on one side of the building. My office where my computers are located are on the other side of the building. My iMac receives the signal just fine and therefore I would like to share the internet connection.
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    A standard ethernet cable between the two will do the trick.

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