Shake 4.1 and Price Drop?

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    According to one source, Apple will finally be releasing the Universal version of Shake (4.1) tomorrow. Alongside it will be a significant price drop, rumored to be $499 (down from $2999).

    The future of Shake, however, would be in jeopardy, as the 4.1 release is said to be the last release with scale backs in the development team. The demise of Shake, however, would be relieved by another high-end compositing application not due until 2008.

    There have previously been reports of a high end Final Cut Extreme application in the works.

    Update (moved to page 1): As rumored, Shake 4.1 (universal) has been released, with a significant price drop as expected (now $499 USD). There are no official indications that this is indeed the last major release of Shake beyond Apple not continuing its maintenance program, but that does not preclude the possibility, as Apple may still want to sell the reduced-priced compositing software until their new high-end solution is available circa 2008.
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    damn, now that's a price drop
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    count me in
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    That price drop sounds too extreme for such good software...maybe like it will be umm.....$2000...yes that sounds more reasonable the $ is very complex software....and are you saying it should sell less than Logic pro..which is nowhere near the "goodness" of shake..though if it was really $500.....:rolleyes:
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    I'm thinking this is a typo. This is a $2500 price drop. But if it isn't a typo, I'd get and learn how to use it as I go.
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    It is true fellas.Apple is dropping the price to $499 and Shake 4.1 will be the LAST version of shake. They are killing the product. They will also release a non-locked version to all people on support, thus there will be a "free" version of Shake floating around the net soon.
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    To bad my ****** G4 would beg for mercy if I even tried to run the installer.
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    I doubt Apple would drop the price to $500.
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    It's not a typo. We'll see tomorrow what happens, but if this is true, then you'd have to think the corresponding comments about the future of Shake would also be true (as in, Shake is pretty much being axed in lieu of the upcoming 2008 product).
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    500 bucks :eek:

    Wonder what the new development will do though :cool:
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    As in... legal free?

    As in Apple offering it on their website for download like iTunes and Quicktime free?

    I think I just heard my wallet thank me.
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    Nope as in illegal.

    However, an easy to install a pirated version type of free.
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    Uh, well, yeah. >_>
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    that's way to low for that imagine someone buying that at 3,000 and now they can get it for only $500 :rolleyes:
    i wonder how well it would run on a mbp or imac.. 2 gigs of ram...
    edit - actually the current specs aren't that bad
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    The free, unlocked version will be downloadable to only those who were on support before.
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    499 about right

    499 sounds about right to me. Apple just doesn't need to be in that industry only price bracket ($1500+). At $499 they can sell a copy to everyone that has FinalCut. Better to sell a 100,000 copies at 499 then 10,000 at $2499. Now if only Apple would buy a CAD company(hmmmArchiCAD) and a 3D company(Alias).
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    Have you ever used Shake? It's nowhere near the user-friendliness of FCP. It is definitely designed for industry only.
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    out of boredom i was looking at classes, some of those classes are pricey. It was over $1,000 for motion (3 day class) :eek:
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    I can see Apple dropping Shake from $2999 to $2499, a $500 drop but from $2999 to $499 I think it's highly unlikely.

    If Apple does start selling Shake for $499 I'll buy a copy :D
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    Personally I would not like to see all the creative software produced by one company, it would be a very bad move, less choice = less competiveness = less creativity.

    Look at the software companies that have merged over the last few years and the quaility of the products being release, discreet used to release so many fanatastic products now after the Autodesk merger the standards have dropped significantly.

    The only reason I can see Apple dropping the price of Shake is to compete with products like Combustion, Smoke and Flame.
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    Would Hollywood producers still use a 500 dollar program instead of a 3000 dollar one? Maybe they'll switch just because tons of YouTube amateurs will start using their software.
    It would be merely psychological, of course, because only pro's could use it to it's full potential.
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    You pretty much told us all WHY Apple is dropping the price. You and a few thousand other people will pay $500 but not $3k. Actually that may have already sold it to everyone who is willing to pay $3.

    Also if you are going to end development Apple's costs go down dramatically, so they can afford to reduce the price.
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    because it was never originally an apple product - it was bought in.

    i don't believe it'll drop to $500, because the industry pays the current great value $2000 or whatever it is in the states, because it's better than most competitors and cheaper too.

    if there is a completely new product in the works the price may drop a bit, but i don't see it going down that much.
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    Another Possible Scenario

    I would doubt that much of a price drop, but if the app will be replaced, some significant drop is likely.

    I would suspect that elements of Shake's technology could live on in future editions of Motion and Final Cut Pro, albeit with better interfaces. Motion sorely needs 3D capability and high-res 2K and 4K film capabilities can be used in FCP which seeks a larger share of the feature film editing market.
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    I wish there was a Mac version of Digital Fusion... and an educational version of it!


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