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Sharp develops 3D flat screen

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by vniow, Sep 27, 2002.

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    I thought this was kinda cool:

    Wish I had a pic.:(

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    Aqua 3d?

    Can you imagine 3d effects with the Aqua interface? Depth of window layering? Can you imagine the foot traffic that Apple stores would get with a display like this in the front window? Can you imagine the further drain on the CPU it would take to do this? :p
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    What sort of depth are we talking about here? I mean is it going to be like an inch deep illusion to further seperate open finder windows? Or am I going to be able to look at a landscape from any angle I wish?
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    yeah, I want Quartz extreme in 3D, bring on that supercharged genie effect :D
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    i was having trouble imagining the genie effect in 3d, then i smoked one...THIS WOULD BE AWESOME! imagine 3d itunes visuals!
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    Too nerdy here

    Aqua interface? iTunes effects? Whattabuncha geeks....

    My God, with that kind of 3-D screen, just imagine the PORN!

    (This is just the kind of thing that will stimulate bandwidth demand, and thus revive the economy....)
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    Re: Too nerdy here

    I was thinking more in the line of Just image the..




    Bio-medical R&D

    Teaching (All levels)


    The list goes on ...

    Turning a 2d screen into one with "depth" is a generational leap imho. I can see SJ flying to Japan to sign a deal on this :p
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    Sharp's press release : Here

    More techincal info in it :)
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    I remember seeing an interview with some Apple person on the MacUI,
    (UI R&D maybe?) maybe 6 or 7 years ago, talking about how aged
    and moded the Mac UI was (!), and about alternative UI schemes
    and behaviors. One example was increased use of 3D space (and
    he went into the psychology of depth, spatial perception, etc), and
    how the present (at the time) MacUI window layering was a limited
    example of this. Another example was a rotational rolodex-like interface,
    especially useful as a database object in a UI. Also talked heavily about
    edges, putting all frequently used tools and commands along the edges of
    the screen (like the MacOS menu and OSX dock, tabbed folders, etc), so
    that you don't have to overshoot, backup, and eventually hone-in on
    icons and objects at the center of the screen. No matter how much
    you move your mouse past the edge, it stays there.

    I remember being astonised at how cocky the guy was, but
    how much I was inspired by all his ideas and examples.
    Has anyone else seen this? I'm really sorry that I can't remember
    what show, who it was specifically who was being interviewed. I just
    walked away with the message that there is much more to be done
    with User Interfaces. Displays like this could really open up
    new possibilities and realities.
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    Sun Baked

    Doesn't a flat 3D screen sort of defeat the idea behind 3 dimensional objects?
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    As cool as a 3-d desktop would be, I think it would be cooler to have part of the desktop 2-d and than like icons in the dock as 3-d

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    Yeah, with that kind of technology, who would need crack? :D

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    Only problem with 3d displays is that a sizeable number of people can't see 3d images -- and I'm one of them.

    Born crosseyed, had a bit of surgery at 5 to correct, but over the years it's gone out of alignment enough that, though my brain sorts everything out, I don't see anything in 3d.

    Someone once made an odd vibrating display that did a better job of simultating 3d than using visual tricks, and could be relatively seen by those without stereoscopic vision. This is the way technology should go... IMHO.
  15. Gaz
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    This is what I was talking about in a previous post when I said that Apple has stopped with pushing forward new concepts for UIs. Aqua is good but isn't really a huge improvement on existing methodologies, it is the best refinement around but the developers should be trying to revolutionise the UI.
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    Over Achiever

    This would be an awesome display, allows for programs to take advantage of spatial relationships...

    Just wondering though. Since I can't see out of my right eye, the 3D effect won't work for me then? :(

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    Yeah, I think you need both eyes to see the full effect.:(

    Here's a link to the company that first started making them, I think.
    Expensive though. maybe when a big company like Sharp starts mass-producing these things, the price will come down.:)

    click me
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    y would u need both eyes? Is this one of those "eye tricks" where they space the images a couple of 1/10's of inches apart to give the illusion of depth??? my cousin has a glass eye, and he'd be pretty pissed if he couldn't use this kind of tech because of it.
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    I have seen an article on these displays Scientific American or Discover. The cool thing was that they had these developed so that you didn't even need a 3d image to view it in 3d, it used some sort of algorithm to generate a 3d like image. The effect produced was one like the old baseball cards that were in 3d, you know the type that would change slightly in angle as you turned the card. Most images you could barely seen around, just enough to where you wanted to keep moving your head till you saw more. This may not have been Sharp, for some reason I want to say Phillips but this screen had the same ridges like those cards did. One downfall was that you had to be at the right distance from the screen or else you didn't get the effect.
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    woo hoo

    This is just the kind of gimmic apple needs to make their Macs different from PC's. I cant wait to see this around 2007.
    I mean, lets be honest, if its taken this long for Apple to change its G4 chips, how long will this take for them to produce?
    If it isnt a proven technology or Apple didnt invent/invest in it, it wont go on a Mac.:(

    If done right however, it would make the Mac OS more addictive than drugs, why would you want to look at anything else?
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    I've been thinking about this and it seems to me that looking at this fake 3D illusion for along time could screw up your eyes, or atleast make you really dizzy. What is everyone's take on this?

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    How these 3d screens work in a nut shell...

    Ok... *grin*... I'm *assuming* these are the same type of 3d flat panel screens that have been showing at SigGraph for a couple of years... and yes, they really are quite impressive... sorta.

    It's a regular flat screen monitor with a special plastic "filter" stuck on the front. And some drivers and that's it.

    Your regular video card drives it and any regular flat panel could theoretically be modded... Here's how they work:

    Remember when you were a kid and they had those "3D" childrens books that were always kinda trippy, things did, in fact, appear to be behind it, and when you ran your fingers over the thick plastic picture, there was a bumpty surface? Same thing. There's a plastic coating that redirects the light from each alternative pixel *column* a slight bit left, then the next column a slight bit right. at a nominal viewing distance, you get a full 3d effect. Get closer to examine the detail, and the images flatten. Get farther away and the images loose detail and flatten.

    The technique essentially halfs the horizontal resolution of the picture, so this would be best done with wide aspect screens. Additionally, there are no problems with monovision viewers, they only see half the screen, and therefore half the detail... in flat.

    The draw backs are... the "nominal" viewing distance. and the fact that they must be viewed head on, or you don't really see much. Not that different that LCDs "back in the day" when you had a 10 degree viewing angle...

    The upshot is, that with some clever drivers and an inexpensive plastic coating... you can turn a 1024x768 LCD monitor into a 512x768 3D LCD Monitor.

    So, whether Apple has someone working on LCDs that do 3200x1200 (to achieve 1600x1200 in 3D) or not would seem to me to be the question...

    If anyone has heard that this is *not* the technique in question, I'm interested to know... I'm a video artist and I've had my eyes on these things for a long time... :)

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    Re: Aqua 3d?

    And they will just throw away all their work on accessibility? They just added it into 10.2…

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