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Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by harrijh, Oct 24, 2003.

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    I did an update to panther from 10.2.8 and when I opened sherlock, I had nothing. No stocks, no movie listings, nothing. Anybody else have this problem or have a clue on how to fix it. Thanks
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    Is your Internet connection working properly? It can't load anything unless it can get a connection working.

    If you didn't, you might also try giving it a little while to load stuff--I've noticed it can take a while, and I assume Apple's servers are getting hammered right now so it might take longer than usual. Check the modem/cable modem activity light to see if something's happening if you're using one.
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    I am on an always on internet connection and I can get to the web so I would guess that my internet connection is OK. I know in the old sherlock it took some time to load individual pages (i.e. stocks, movies, dictionary) but I don't even have links to them anymore. I go to the channels menu and I don't have anything. Thanks for the help!!!
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    Ambrose Chapel

    yeah i just launched sherlock for the 1st time under panther and nothing. just spinning...internet works fine as i am posting this...

    10.3 archive and install, 667G4 PB DVI
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    Ambrose Chapel

    ok, after a couple hours it starting working normally again. huzzah
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    Yea I had to wait like..maybe 15-20 seconds before it started to work. Why dont you just leave it on for a while? Maybe you need to country-lize it? I dont knwo
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    Re: Sherlock??

    I have the same problem. Sherlock had no chanels. Connecting to the internet gave me some, but the default set was still empty. Also I noticed that the sherlock bar in the finder (in the upper right hand side of the screen- with the spy glass) was not there.
    I called tech support. I might have to do an install and archive. (I upgraded from 10.1.5).
    You're not alone with this. I'll keep you posted if I'm sucessful.
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    My Sherlock also contains no content. When you choose a channel, the search/spin logo goes for a while -- then the window is blank.

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