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Short Mouse + Second Button

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by CBoldman, Dec 3, 2002.

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    Hello. I did search on this issue but didnt find what I needed, so here goes. Im looking for a mouse for my TiBook that I just ordered today (im making the swith, im so excited). I would like to have a second button for convience, and a short cord (but not to short). Inexpensive would be ideal, but you usually have to pay for good stuff. Thanks a ton, ~Chris
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    Dun-Dun... Dun-Dun...

    <Hooper> ... go to the end of the barells...further out...
    <Chief Brody> WHAT??? ...
    <Hooper> ... just go out to the end...
    <Chief Brody> .... WHAT FOR???
    <Hooper> further out... just please go to the end of the pulpit... I need to have something in the foreground to give it some scale...
    <Chief Brody> ... FOREGROUND MY A....
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    Re: Dun-Dun... Dun-Dun...

    Why does that sound so familiar and what does this have to do with this thread?
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    Peter Benchly Strikes Again...

    Ahhh... I can see I'm going to need a bigger boat... It's from Jaws... The Shark is out front of the Orca (fishing boat), and Hooper (the Marine Biologist played by Richard Dreyfuss) is trying to get a picture of the shark (Jaws). Chief Brody (played by Roy Scheider) is in the forground, and Hooper wants him to go out to the end of the pulpit (the catwalk that extends over the front of the boat) so he can get something in his picture for scale.

    I went the to the website that had the mice, and they could be the size of a volkswaggen, or my thumbnail, but I can't tell, because there's nothing in the picture to give it any scale.

    Would love to know how big they are, would certainly buy one if they're nicely compact... sorry for the cryptic post... my bad.

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    (ahem) to get back on topic...

    ... you can use pretty much any USB mouse you like, including Microsoft's.

    I take it this is for when you're not on travel?

    I am really fond of the Logitech marble mouse trackball. It has two buttons and a single moving part, the ball itself. It eliminates all the rollers and bearings which gum up on other trackballs, such as the MacAlly which looks nice but is a pain to use. Since I'm left-handed, all of the weird-shaped mice and trackballs are no good, but the marble mouse is symmetrical.

    The second mouse button is a good thing in Mac OS X if you're smart enough to use it :) . The Apple pro mouse is beautiful, but many people have had the cord break.

    For travel, you can get a used iMac puck mouse pretty cheap these days too, and they work well and are small.

    Some expect Woz to introduce a two-button mouse at MWSF.
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    Forgot to mention...

    ... if you get a one-button mouse, the right-button functions are accessed by pressing Control when clicking.
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    It would be good if Apple introduced a 2-button mouse, but I doubt they will. It would be like saying, "Hey, we've been idiots the past 10 years, but check this bad boy out! It's clear!" I just don't see it happening unless it's something they can pawn off as revolutionary, like a 3-way rocking button-less mouse with dual optical trackers and built-in airjets so it hovers right above your desk.

    Short of that miracle, I don't think they'll be changing to a 2-button. :)
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    Anyway, as for me, I use both an Apple Pro mouse (black, came with my dual 867), and a Microsoft optical trackball thingy... It's good. :)
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    Re: (ahem) to get back on topic...


    I would go with the old puck mouse. Trackballs are a pain to use, unless you have used them a lot. Microsoft's mice are so big, and big, that they're, like, big. If you don't mind having a large mouse (but not MS Intellimouse big) then I would get a tri-button mouse. The third button should work in OS X (it's UNIX, so one would think so) and if it doesn't, well, then the mouse will fit your hand nicely. Personally, I like the Logitech MouseMan tri-button. I have a Compaq branded one for my Mandrake Box, and it's great.
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    I use the Kensington Mouse•In•A•Box Pro Optical, which has two main buttons, two more buttons on the sides, and a clickable scroll wheel. It is the best setup I have ever seen in a mouse. I set the side buttons for Back and Forwards in Chimera and the Finder, and the main buttons just like normal left and right buttons, and it works like a charm. The only problem with the mouse is it was designed to be PC compatable as well, so it has a really long cord, which gets in the way on a small desk. Other than that, I would never go back to a one button mouse. On that note, I would hate to see Apple give up the one button mouse. I think that is the best idea they ever had, and if I had to learn to use a computer on a two or three button mouse, it would have been a lot harder to learn. Let the other companies make the extra button mice for those who need that, and keep simplicity and functionality at the core of their systems.

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    Re: Peter Benchly Strikes Again...

    The micro mouse is the size of a buisness card. The other one is just a little bigger. I'll try to find the size measurements somewhere.
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    I have just bought one of the Kensington mice with the autoretracting USB cable. It's great. Two buttons, scroll wheel and an optical sensor. The Mouse Works software you can get from the Kensington website is pretty cool too (you can set up per-application mouse profiles, acceleration and deceleration paramaters and the like). My only problem is that it doesn't work on my glass coffee table :( If you need a portable mouse this is the one untill bluetooth starts working!
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    Over Achiever

    Don't forget the wireless version of that mouse. The Kensingtion Wireless PocketMouse Pro is designed so that the reciever can be stored inside the mouse, and it even turns the mouse off!

    And its less than $10 more than the regular pocketmouse ;) I hasn't been released yet tho'.

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