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shortest song

Discussion in 'iPod' started by chris200x9, Jul 16, 2006.

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    I think it would be fun to see what the shortest real (a song with lyrics) song peoples iTunes library is.... I'll post mine first, ten seconds, two for flinching by kid dynamite
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    The Beastie Boys - Ask for Janice (0:00:11)
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    I can't touch that. My shortest song is a Tuvan throat singing song called Khoomel, it is 26 seconds long.
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    29 seconds, a song no one has ever heard of unless they're a complete calculus nerd
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    Augie March - "Up the hill and down"

    22 seconds.
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    Oo! I'm a math nerd! What song is it?

    my shortest is from the Beatles Anthology.. Paul is talking about something. Seven seconds..
    if that doesn't count there's the intro to "philosophy" by Ben Folds Five. 9 seconds.
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    darn i got beat :mad: ;)
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    technically my shortest track is 00:00:01 and is titled Blank.

    other than that i have one at 00:00:03 from the Metroid Prime Soundtrack called "Secondary Item Acquisition Fanfare"

    but neither of those have lyrics....

    Kyuss - "Yeah" at 00:00:06
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    That would be:

    Heartz of Men
    by Tupac
    on Live
    at 0:06

    ****tiest CD I've ever bought in my life.
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    Horn Intro, Modest Mouse :09
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    "Main Title" - Lost (Original Television Soundtrack) - J.J. Abrams & Michael Giacchino

    16 seconds

    EDIT: after re-reading the original post, I realized my song isn't considered "real" :(
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    The shortest song that I have in my iTunes library is 29 seconds.
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    Doctor Q

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    The shortest musical tune in my iTunes library is [playlistId=61940&s=143441&i=61928]Miracle Cure[/playlistId] by The Who - 0:12.

    The shortest track for sale that I've run across randomly surfing the iTunes Music Store is [playlistId=52046&s=143441&i=52044]The End[/playlistId] by Ringo Starr - 0:04.
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    Shortest track is 6 seconds. Shortest song (if you can really call it that) is Bonus Tracks by The Cardigans, at 20 seconds.
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    Doctor Q

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    If a track in the iTunes Music Store is less than 30 seconds long, you can listen to the entire track as a "preview". Is there still a reason that people might buy such a track, other than getting it as part of an album purchase?
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    The shortest songs I have are all Napalm Death:

    You Suffer - 0:04
    Dead - 0:05
    Your Achievement - 0:06
    Understanding - 0:07
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    Mine's 6 seconds: One last "Woo-Hoo" for the Pullman by Sufjan Stevens
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    Some people might buy it so that it appears in their library and transfers to their iPod. Other people might have fun with tcpdump ;)
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    Can we have another category: Shortest song bought from iTMS at full price (not as part of a complete album) ?
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    Song: Short Attention Span
    Length: 0:08
    Artist: Fizzy Bangers
    Album: Short Music for Short People (1999)

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    The Beatles - Her Majesty (0:23)
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    The shortest fake song in my library is "it's been emotional" from the Lock, stock and two smoking barrels soundtrack, by Film Dialogue (don't know who that guy is, though) it's 4 seconds, and so are CTU Ring 1, CTU Ring 2, CTU Intercom from the 24 soundtrack

    Shortest real song is "Itchy And Scratchy End Credits Theme" with lyrics, and probably also available on iTunes that is 17 seconds
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    Good question Doctor Q, I find a song that it less than 30 seconds as not being worth the purchase unless it is bundled as part of an album. :)
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    That's mine too... and shuffle seems to love it. Its got one of the highest play counts in my library but I didn't even recognize it. Guess it just goes by so quickly...
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    This is Stupid (0:10) - The Bloodhound Gang (from Hooray for Boobies) is the shortest.

    Closely followed by the above mentioned Ask For Janice (0:11) and Miracle Cure (0:12).

    The shortest "real song" that I play regularly (not counting several short Monthy Python songs) is the Main theme from Firefly by Greg Edmondson at 0:52.

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