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Should Apple open up Maps to developers in iOS 7?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by mossme89, Jun 1, 2013.

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    This might be a good idea and could set Apple apart from Google and Google Maps. An issue with any major mapping software is that it lacks 3rd party data.

    For example, take the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa. On the maps software it shows just the campus. What this means is that the maps are completely useless when you're on campus. Why not open up Maps to developers and allow them to input data such as building names, locations, and even further information like hours and offices inside?

    And the same is true for theme parks and other places. There's a lack of info about what's inside the complex. Plus this could help with corporate offices if clicking more info brings up a list of offices inside.
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    I like the notion of allowing plugin type support for various functions and apps. This could be one use. Uni campuses, places like Disneyland, transit systems could overlay info onto the current map. Heck local areas could perhaps create their own POI
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    Yes, more detailed maps for these kinds of things would be great but not if they required installing a separate App to do so.

    Google have gained this depth in maps because of their map maker tool. Also, the fact that it's accessible via the web helps about 1000%.

    However, this is a very wasteful solution. It means that building data has to be created in Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps, Ovi Maps, etc; where does it end?

    Possibly a good business opportunity for someone as a neutral third-party provider of indoor mapping data.
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    Google already have this, and have for years. It's one of the (many) reasons their maps are so much better.

    But yes, Apple's failure to do this certainly does not help them.
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    It'd be good if Apple updated their maps when incorrect labels and places have been reported by us.

    There's a former car dealership in a village I used to live in in the UK and it closed down at least 12 years ago, if not longer.

    Have reported it several times but it's still there... just a shame there's a supermarket on the site now! ;)

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