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should i get 2GB instead of 1GB

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by x Shadow Dragon, May 22, 2007.

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    Ok well im getting a mac probably pretty soon, so do u think i will see a big noticable difference if i use 1 GB of RAM oe 2 GB of RAM.

    Whatta ya think?
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    yes if you got the money. What do you do with your computer?
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    oops sorry i meant to say inn gaming
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    then diffidently go 2gb over say from 2ghz to 2.16 or 2.33
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    i think im gonna get 2 GHZ not sure might get 2.16 but i doubt it im defintly gonna get 512 of ram then just upgrade to 2 GB because its so much cheaper...

    Edit- dang it i dont think its possible to get 512 RAM on a 2 GHZ with an 80 GB HD or 120 GB anyway ill just get it from apple...damit
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    Look into the option of ordering it with minimal RAM from Apple, and adding your own third-party RAM. RAM is very competitive and you can often save $$ over Apple's price.
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    like my post before u said i wanted to do that but then i can only get a 60 GB HD which sucks and i dont hink u can get 512 RAM on a 2.0 GHZ processor, i know third-party RAM is much cheaper and thats what i would want...

    any suggestions?
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    At least 2gb and oem only!

    I had 1.25gb of omni hyperformance ram, switched to 1.25gb of oem apple ram and had a huge jump in xbench on the ram speed. I thought maybe I had bad omni ram but my xbench scores were much higher than any of my friends that actually had paired sticks of high end kingston and such, so having a raise in performance with the regular (albeit expensive buying it by itself) apple ram was very interesting indeed. Yes on the getting 2gb, because I don't do anything but average stuff like safari, ichat, itunes, iphoto, etc, use cocktail/diskwarrior/idefrag regularly and with dashboard disabled, my lappy is still always hungry for more ram (remember i have 1.25gb!). 2GB is honestly barely enough for even the average user especially with the oncoming of leopard which will be even more ram hungry (hopefully not as bad as vista which uses basically all of 2gb then has to swap the hd for ram) but these damn laptops don't hold enough these days and ram is expensive. In short (I ramble, sorry) 2GB of OEM Apple ram and you'll be fine (but not completely, thats what a tower is for) Get only 1gb and i assure you even with tiger, you'll be getting spinning candies of death with just 5 apps open. My friend brian has a core duo imac with 512mb, thought he had one of those faulty ones and after replacing it a few times, the people at the store basically told him he needed more ram because it ran like horse sh** with basically safari, itunes and ichat open! (Rambling again, i'll go now) ;)
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    i have no idea how im gonna get enough money considering im 12 turing 13 in 6 days and my mom wont get me a laptop but shes gonna get me money prolly like 300 dollars (she doesnt think i should get one so i have to get most money on my own) ok.... i think hard-work and i might get enough but ill try to get the apple 2GB

    p.s. Vista takes 2GB of RAM just to start :)) ya it rocks)
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    And another thing

    I know this makes the whole price thing suck even more, but the regular macbooks SUCK for gaming. Those intel gma's are awful and i've had faster framerates in unreal tournament and second life on my old 700mhz imac g4 with 32mb video and 256mb ram then when i used my friend's macbook with a gig of ram and one of those damn 64mb intel gma video cards in it. You need something with at the very least 128mb of dedicated video memory. The best i can suggest to you is to get a refurbed 15'' Powerbook (non intel) with 128mb video and 2gb ram. It would probably come out to about the same as a well eqipped macbook, plus it would have a card slot, a backlit keyboard, a much larger display and of course the yummy aluminum enclosure. You may also be able to find refurbed/gently used first gen core duo macbook pro's for a decent price. You could also find a nice 12'' Pbook like mine :) max out the ram, get a dual layer dvd burner and a 160gb hd for it like i did and it comes out to be a very nice, ultra compact notebook. I refuse to buy another apple notebook for a couple years until i can have a 12'' Macbook Pro w/optical drive (Unlike this stupid nonsense talk of an ultraportable w/out an optical drive). The 64mb dedicated 8x agp card in the last gen 12'' is actually quite nice in games and I don't believe it significantly holds me back in any way.
    In short: Dedicated Video cards only!

    PS: Just saw the new mac genius ad! ADORABLE! lol
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    Absolutely. :)

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