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Should I get a new iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Ariii, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I have a fifth-generation Nano that I absolutely love, and it's 8GB memory is almost used up completely now. I almost completely use CD's (Literally bought 1 song off of the iTunes store) but I will never buy a third-party one, there are so many different kinds it will be really hard finding support for all the platforms that I use. I'm planning to buy an iPod mini for up to $50 to store my extra songs. And I don't want to sacrifice part of the music that I listen to. Would this purchase be worth it, and my warranty has already expired a long time ago, so could I upgrade my iPod nano's memory to maybe 16 or 32 GB? I love my iPod nano, but I listen to my iPod like 24/7 so that's why I was thinking of it. I might use some money for upgrading my iBook clamshell instead, and am going to need a server computer sometime in the future. Would this be worth it, and is there a cheaper market I can search for?
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    No, start saving for college.
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    I just got one on eBay for $10. Sorry, I should've closed the thread earlier.
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    10$ ?!? specs?
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    Let's see...

    It's an iPod mini with 4GB memory, 1st generation. It has a battery that only lasts about five minutes, but I just but a new one for $3. The actual iPod ended up costing $7.50, but in total it would be $10, so yeah. I heard that the iPod mini had the "Worst sound quality of all iPods" from a couple people and "Fantastic" and others claimed it was better than the 4G and 5G Nanos (Which I currently own). Is this something to worry about??
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    That's a really great deal...congrats.
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    Thanks! Actually, you can find those iPods for really cheap on eBay, usually for $20 to $30. And since it's just a music player, I like that they're getting old. It saves me a lot of money without compromising anything I want to do.
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    I almost had to buy another one because mine had a bunch of problems to deliver. It ended up that the seller had to replace mine, so now I ended up with a 2nd gen Nano with no problems whatsoever. I used the memory up in 4 days with songs that I was planning to put on my iPod (My computer's external hard drive got wiped so I would lose everything if I synced it) so I'm looking at a 20 GB third-generation iPod classic as my new one. I'm pretty sure that these are the cheapest for the memory it has, does anybody know otherwise?

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