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Should I get iskin for powerbook's keyboard?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by quagmire, May 15, 2004.

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    Should I get iskin for my powerbook's keyboard? Who has one on their powerbook? Can you tell me how to clean the iskin. Can you leave the iskin on the keyboard while the screen is down? How often do you clean it?
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    Get the Iskin.

    i use it on my 17 inch pb, have done so for about a year

    clean it with warm soap and water and a clean rag, to wipe of the residue if there is any. dont make the water too hot.

    i clean it normaly every month; or when i feel it gets a certain amount of residue

    you can close the lid with the iskin, its thin enough to not make a difference and the keys do not leave marks on the screen.

    you might find it weird typing at first because of the bouncy rubbery key feeling, which isnt as senstive as the keys without hte iskin but its easy to adapt and not i feel weird not typing with it.
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    Don't get the iSkin. Unless your a person who eats at the computer and everything falls into the keyboard that is. They look horribly tacky IMO. Pick up some canned air and you should be fine.
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    I have one on my 12" iBook. Ditto on: you can close the computer with it on, and on the way to clean it (I also take it off and shake the dust off every once in a while).

    I should point out a big downside...(bear in mind I'm still using mine). If you type FAST, based on touch, I find this thing to be kinda troublesome. I definitely do not type as accurately on my iBook keyboard when this thing is on vs. off. I think it makes the keypresses slower, so I transpose characters slightly more often, but the more annoying thing is I get a lot of doubled characters because of it. Right now, though, it's not so inconvenient that I stopped using it.

    Probably the biggest reasons for that are my tendency to knock a shine into the keys without something like this, and how much dust shows up on it (which would be in my keyboard!)

    Oh, one other thing...I think it might very slightly have a negative impact on the cooling airflow for the computer....
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    im not one of those people who eat at y computer; but i dont like people touching my keyboard and smudging the keys; or typing with wet hands.

    it only looks tacky if you dont clean it.
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    I guess it matches the iBook white bettter than the PB Al but if you grab a color that matches something else on your desk, I don't think it looks tacky either.
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    Is it really an often occurance that people smudge your keyboard or type on your computer with wet hands? I wouldn't think that would be a frequent occurance.

    And yes, they look tacky, regardless if they are clean or dirty.
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    i respectfuly disagree; it isnt takcy

    and you would be surprised how many ppl expect to use a computer without cleaning their hands
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    It's not really useful. Only get it if you don't touchtype and eat/drink near it (for some sick, twisted reason).
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    i got the iSkin for my AlPB, it does change the way the keyboard feels alot. i wouldn't recommend leaving it on your PB with the screen down, it would definitely touch. also, it doesn't actually fit properly over the keys. i could post some photos later to show what i mean.

    although i might have a different brand, but i do know that somehow the one i have is for either a TiBook or Al PB even though they are different computers. :rolleyes:

    well i dont' use mine much anymore, but i just noticed now that i do have a a bit of pasta sauce on my 'esc' key, so maybe i should use it only when i'm at home. :p :D
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    :eek: I'm not going anywhere near that one.
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    Blech! The iSkin sucks. It's in the pile of other useless computer crap I bought and didn't like. It lasted less than an hour before I tossed it.
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    Thank you for all of the replies. I have decided to get iskin.
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    i got one too! still waitin for it to ship. i got the artic white one, cuz the blue looks really weird on a powerbook.
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    I found the iKleen (spelling...whatever) kit is great for getting people's finger-gunk off my screen.
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    ... what a waste of money. If you wanna keep your ibook/pb keys clean, use saran wrap.
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    They use those things in Elementary School Computer Labs (opaque version) to teach typing. I tried them- there a pain. They start to stick to your fingers when you type and messes you up. DO NOT BUY!!!

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