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should i return? UPDATED: credit given

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by bc008, Feb 27, 2008.

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    should i return my blackbook? it is in the 14 day restocking period, and i was wondering:

    would i notice a large difference between 2.2 to 2.4? that is the only reason i would return, as HD and RAM are swappable.

    should i return and get one of those tasty looking 2.2 MBP refurbs?
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    I personally dont think a .2ghz upgrade is worth a couple hundred dollar restocking fee.

    I won't be returning mine that i got about a week ago.
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    if i were to return i would buy one of these machines:

    i would like to eventually install windows on it for some gaming, and i dont really need that big of a hard drive, but extra storage is always nice.

    this machine would really need to last a long time (7 years, 3.5 at least)
    it has to get me through high school and possibly college (i know i know, i can hope)

    extra screen space is nice, and i would like the idea of a sturdier case (aluminum) and what is not to love about that backlit keyboard?
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    Yes - Return

    I just returned my white MB to my local Apple store and was not charged any Restocking fee. I purchased the middle config. MB on 2/16/08. They offered me either the upgraded model (+1GB, +200Mhz, +40GB) for the same price and no restock fee or $150 cash back. I took the upgraded model instead of the cash back. I did buy a remote for $19.99 but it was a small price to pay for doubling my RAM and adding 40GB to my HDD.

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    well, ive thought long and hard, and im not going to return.

    thanks for all the help though! i really dont have to money to pay for 150 dollar restocking fee right now, let alone 150 more for a mbp..

    it is still a very powerfull machine, and i am very happy with it, so why change?
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    Most likely restocking fee will be waived if you walk into an Apple Store and you're within 14 days like mine was. It's up to the manager but I think the Penryn core, +200Mhz, +90GB and +1GB worth a try...
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    See my post above, I did not have to pay a restocking fee.

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    I would kindly remind them there's a significant price reduction in 14 day period. They'll be more than happy to give you a decent credit. Either to accept or not is up to you.
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    i called apple, and they gave me 2 choices:

    1. send in, restocking fee free

    2. get a $300 dollar credit sent to the credit card we used

    seeing as i dont want to be without my macbook, i went with the credit!
    thanks for getting me to call!

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