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Should I use the Smart Cover?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by AppleOwl, May 26, 2011.

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    Hey guys, so I have a black leather smart cover (+ switcheasy coverbuddy) and I really like that it keeps the ipad in its slim form factor. I am a little hesitant to use the smart cover in the long term as I have heard others saying that it eventually scratches the side of the ipad where the smart cover attaches. Have others had any experiences of this? Should I just go back to using the switcheasy canvas instead?
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    my smart cover

    I've had a smart cover for 2 months or so, and on the side of my ipad where the magnets are there are some scratches and on the back there are scratches and my smart cover got dirty really fast... I recommend going back to your other case.
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    Austin M.

    Hmm, very tough question. I love both the Smart Cover, the Canvas, and the CoverBuddy. From what I have tried (had my iPad 2 for about a month) the Smart Cover doesn't scratch the side at all and I take it off about 10 times a day. Then again, I love the looks and functionality of the Canvas. It all depends on your preferences.
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    i returned my smart cover..it sucks
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    The smart cover does not "scratch" the device, if any marks do appear it is purely based on how you use it. If you keep on opening and closing the cover in a very dramatic way, it is likely to trigger movement with the same cover in contact with the iPad's side. I've been using my smart cover since day 1 and so far there are no scratches whatsoever, however there are small dirt marks, these are almost invisible and get wiped off very easily by a damp cloth.
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    Any "thin skin" on the back makes this a non event - I use a CF skin and no marks whatsoever, and still excellent magnetic action....
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    I love my smart cover. Just got a black leather one at walmart for $39.99, too. :D
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    You got a black leather smartcover at walmart for $39.99? I thought it was $69.99?!
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    Really? Were they on promotion or sale?
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    Has anyone else had their ipad scratched by the smart cover?
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    My smart cover has back cover, so it is not very easy to get scratch, I have used it for one month, it is still like a new one. I've heard that there is a new smart cover called spider smart cover for ipad 2, I'm going to try it.
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    They were mismarked. They had them hanging on the $39.99 rack, so that's what they gave it to me for.
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    Yup, me too!
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    Ya it was really awesome. I wanted a navy but couldn't pass up the deal on the black one.
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    How did u get the leather one for $39.99? are you sure its not the polyurethane one, because the leather one is $69.99:confused:
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    The walmart employees apparently don't know that. I got my leather one for the poly price as well
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    Clearly, Walmart employees are 95% idiots :p

    You should shop at Best Buy.
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