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Should iOS 6, really should have been called iOS 5.4 or iOS 5.5?

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by PacificBeach, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Should iOS 6, really should have been called iOS 5.4 or iOS 5.5?
    Does this feel like a real full upgrade?
    Are you happy with the upgrade?
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    Yes, it feels like a full upgrade. Over 200 new features shouldn't be a 5.5 release. There's little things Apple didn't included in the presentation, plus we usually get more once the new iPhone is released.
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    LOL this is funny!
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    5.4 is being pretty generous. More like 5.1.2
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    A whole new maps app
    Deep Facebook integration
    Shared photo streams to replace MobileMe Gallery
    Improved Siri
    Passbook and some much needed additions/tweaks to existing apps.
    What more do you people want before you think this is worthy being thought of as a significant update?

    What did iOS5 add?
    News Stand
    Twitter and iCloud, not really much more.
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    Define full upgrade.

    No one knows what it should or shouldn't be called unless there's an agreed upon definition of what constitutes a small or large upgrade
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    Ahh yes, another yoyo who is never happy with anything. I'm sure you were expecting Siri to make your bed too..
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    facetime over 3G! now this is one hell of a feature that i will use alot with my kids and wife! at ****in' last facetime becomes useful.
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    Preparation for a 4g iPhone.

    I'm sure carriers will like this one.
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    man i hope the next iPhone has a setting to use low quality mode on facetime camera, so the data usage is not going to be increased dramatically.
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    iOS5.0 was a horrible upgrade as well but we dealt with it, iOS 6 is unacceptable. use common sense without drinking the apple koolaid, did u thing wwdc 2012 was a success?:rolleyes:
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    You obviously aren't happy so why don't you go with Android.
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    Oh I will , i need unlimited 4G LTE, i will rock a Galaxy like 9 million others, until apple gets their "sheet" together
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    This well worn refrain is such a cop out. Yet it's hugely popular for defending Apples honor :D
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    Like I told the other person that wasn't happy with iOS 6, Just because Apple didn't cater to your every needs doesn't mean that iOS 6 was a flop. You are happy Android so why don't you bring all your whining over to the Android forums and be happy.
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    >ask people for opinion
    >laugh at people when they dont share your opinion

    people like you entertain me
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    I agree. I have unlimited data from AT&T from being grandfathered in, but I don't want to be throttled after 3GB, so I've been keeping careful watch on my data. I hope FaceTime over 3G doesn't use much data. I wonder what the FaceTime quality over 3G will be like if a phone is throttled.
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    i remember a week ago listening to my friend who once used an iPhone then he decided to switched to nexus s after the new iphone still has the same screen size.

    i told him, i love bigger screen in android devices, but the eco system is not up to par with what apple offer, so i'd rather stick with iOS because alot of games are in the app store than google play store.

    he said to me, lots of top titles in iOS are in android too so no biggie for him.

    yesterday he posted a status in his facebook's wall "goddamit! galaxy on fire 2 is not compatible with my nexus s".

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    Haha sucks for him.
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    I do tend to defend apple quite a bit but this upgrade is not what I was looking for. I wish they would just give us bt and wifi settings in the notification bar, but we. But holy moly, apple needs to update the apple tv to be ope. To developers. Stop calling it a hobby and let others take it on as a hobby. Not to mention they could do the same for siri. Like **** man wtf!
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    Doesn't throttling generally mean EDGE speeds? If so, good luck using FaceTime.
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    I suspect they called it 6.0 because the stopped supporting some of the older hardware.
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    When someone makes a poll on an Apple fan site and half of the responses say it was a flop, its a flop.

    Showing off do not disturb and the ability to attach pictures to emails as some of the major new features..its obviously a very poor update.
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    Definitely. This was a service pack, in Windows terms.
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