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sibelious 5 help

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by thechidz, Mar 29, 2008.

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    I just upgraded to sibelious 5 student and I havent been able to find info on:\

    1: changing the stem direction efficiently. I am composing 2 voice music in the same clef and the direction of the stems is driving me nutz! The only way to change is dragging every stem individually which is so annoying, time consuming and unprofessional looking...

    2. making the system volume louder in sibelious. I mean, I have the volume of my mac all the way up and the playback in sibelious is so quiet.

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    The Sibelius keypad window allows note entry in 4 distinct voices, this is controlled by the numbers 1-4 on the bottom of the pad. By default notes are in voice 1, but when you click on the 2, the second voice is activated (indicated by green instead of blue buttons) and you can enter notes in voice 2. Voice 1 has stems down and voice 2 has stems up. You shouldn't need to adjust any stems manually.

    There is a master volume for Sibelius in the mixer window. Have a look at where that is.
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    thank you
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    This is one thing which impressed me massively with Logic, quickly changing the direction of stems on multiple notes is ridiculously easy.
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    I never could figure out how to do notation in logic. I guess I havent spent enough time with it

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