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Simple heat testing on PowerBook

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jKmxxx, May 18, 2004.

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    Currently I am doing a application note about measuring temperatures from the new Apple 15" PowerBook. Its a simple test just to find out how hot its gets. Test is still a beta and charts are not the same to every enviroment.

    Final note will show how hot 15" PB gets and cool it gets on aluminum plate, on and off. -indoor only sorry :eek:

    If anyone has any ideas pls feedback here.

    I have some photos durning the test, please visit here.

    I am using a dataTaker DT800 data logger, more infor at www.datataker.com

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    Here is the color key to chart:

    Blue - Ambient
    Red - Top Left side plate, under PowerBook
    Green - Top right side plate, under PB
    Pink - At the top of the keyboard
    Brown - Back plate, not on PB
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    Jesus Christ £2365 for a DT800 temperature logger? Are you serious? I mean you're doing something nice and all, but for £2365? Damn.

    I'd just buy a few of these and magic tape them under moving components of the PB then input the tempt change every minute or so into an Excel spread sheet, then do a graph. As for room temperature, everybody has a room thermometer. Thermal Probe w/ LCD = $14.

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    FuzzyBallz I work at dataTaker, sorry I didn't make it clear.

    ya its about that much and people pay for it. Gov like CSIRO, and tech places use it to identify and improve many areas of their needs.
    Also dataTaker products are cheaper then other data loggers in the market.

    The app note will not be ready until next month no date set, but will be great if I can have some ideas to cover things I have miss.

    So far I have used up 5 channels and I have another 5 free. I can't open the PB so measure the HD temp is out, mostly outside. Right now its logging.

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    2 Funny things..

    A) You're using VPC to run the data logging software.

    B) 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) on the keyboard... Yeah, that's a bit too toasty for long-term use (and it seems to be going up from there...)
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    VPC is all I have to run the win software. no mac app yet. :(

    I was using the Fish! software and playing music CD iTunes on background while I have the Warcraft III World Editor with a map fill will mass Chimaera. So picture half side with WCIII World Ed and the other side Fish! and iTunes. At that time the temp on the cpu was at about 63.3 deg C as high I can get so far. Also I have not use any fan in this test, just on aluminum plate.

    Doing testing tomorrow without the aluminum plate, just on table see how it goes. Btw there is one error on the chart, see if you find it. :D

    if anyone has a better testing tip please let me know, thxs
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    why use all that equipment when you can download software to measure it...search versiontracker.com for tempurature programs...
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    I think he wants to measure external temperature.
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    Right on! :p
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    Day2 - Test PB on Table

    well just an update here are 2 screenshot of today progress.


    Yesterday and today

    CPU also end up at 63 today. Running task the same as yesterday.
    Screenshots are now updated (4:45pm) 800KB each jpeg

    Also for today Green & Pink has been swap around, sry green is top keyboard and pink is right side.

    I hope this chart will help some people and please let me know


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