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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Berg835, Feb 6, 2006.

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    Let me thank everyone in advance for helping me with my problem.

    I am running a 15" PowerBook G4 with Mac OSX 10.4.4.

    I am putting together a picture and video slideshow for my father's 50th birthday. The slideshow will be playing to a few songs that I have chosen. The problem I have is that I need to edit two of the songs I have chosen, but shortening them, so that they fit with the length of the slideshow.

    Does anyone know of an audio program that would allow me to edit an AAC or mp3 file, cutting out portions of the song and creating a new file? I'm hoping that one of the mac programs that came with my computer may do this for me. If not, I'm hoping that there would be freeware that would allow me to do this.
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    Give GarageBand a try, it comes installed on your Mac as part of iLife. ;)
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    This is a new Mac? Then you should have GarageBand.
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    There are not any programs that I am aware of that allow you to edit MP3s directly, at least none that do a nice job of it. You may need to convert the MP3 to AIFF/WAV first, then edit it, and convert it back - which is no big deal actually. To do this, I would use Sound Studio, which came free with my G4 iMac a couple years back, but I don't know if they still ship that free or not.

    So, if they don't, I would see if you could edit it using GarageBand. I have never used GaragaeBand, so I don't know if this is possible or not, but it wouldn't surprise me if it is, in some form.

    Otherwise, you can alway do a search on VersionTracker to see if there are any handy little freeware apps out there that will do the trick.

    Lots of options. :cool:

    Edit: Looks like GarageBand will indeed do the trick - good to know. :)
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    Yep, MP3s are no hassle for GarageBand, it just takes a little while for them to import. ;)
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    Good to know - when I install iLife 06 I might actually install GarageBand as well then, since I didn't bother with iLife 05. ;) That functionality could come in very handy. :)
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    If you want to do a quick crop of the songs, use iTunes. Go to song info - you can adjust the start and stop time. Maybe copy the song and give it a slightly different name so you can keep a "short" and "full version."

    I recently used the shareware version of MP3 Trimmer and i found it to be quite good and intuitive (no AAC support though). You can fine tune the beginning/end of your abridged song and also add fade-in/out.

    I've also heard that you can do it in Garageband, but i haven't spent the time to figure it out.
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    co-sign... audacity a good programs, really easy to use, and has some great features. the best part is that it's free.
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    Importing mp3's in Garageband

    I would be also interested in importing and editing mp3's in Garageband, I would appreciate if someone would tell me how. Thanks :)
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    eh? you use the import function and then the editing tools.
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    soften in/out of song length editing

    I followed your advice on Garage band but since I am cutting the song in the middle, the start and end sound chopped... is there any way to fix this?
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    Some ideas that range from easy to harder.

    1) pick a better place to make the cuts

    2) fade up and down rather then make a cut

    3) Put some other sound in the track to make a nicer transition and to distract the listener

    4) adjust the length of the show to fit the sound

    5) Use MIDI files rather than audio tracks and edit the music so that it has the right number of measures and tempo for your show.

    6) record your own music that is written to better fit the show
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    problem embedding mp3 in HTML doc

    I have a gallery that's 25 seconds long. I edited an mp3 in Garageband (great program) that is 25 seconds long the last second is a fadeout. When I embed it in the HTML doc, it seems to stretch out so that it ends at about 28 seconds. I made additional mp3s at 20 seconds and 17 seconds and they still run at about 28 seconds when embedded.

    This is the code I used:
    <EMBED src="music.mp3" autostart=true hidden=true />

    I tried
    <embed src="music.mp3" autostart="true" loop="false"/>
    but it left the quicktime controls on there. Also I tried this which didn't work at all:
    <embed src="music.mp3" loop="true" autoplay="true" width="25" height="20"></embed>

    Is my problem with the code or the way I made the mp3?
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    Did you try it with different browsers and on Windows and on the iPhone. I bet you get different result on each browsers and platform
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    problem embedding mp3 in HTML doc

    Thanks, Chris,

    It is different but I still not right. Next try is to import the mp3 into flash and see if that's more stable.

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