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Siri crashing

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by papa8706, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Anyone else start experiencing issues when trying to use siri today? Never had a problem until this morning now every time I try and open it my phone reboots. Known issue or is there something I could try?
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    Working for me. Not sure what to try, other than turn it off and back on.
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    Same, just started today!
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    Crap, now same thing with me. It rebooted the phone. Siri on iOS 6 is fine. Just iOS7.
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    Ah, thanks. Tried restarting, closing all apps, and resetting my settings with no avail. Safe to say it's nothing on our end at least.
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    Yep, happens to me now too. Wonder what they changed. :)
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    Hopefully they are switching over to the new voices before beta 2 release tomorrow.:cool:
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    Speculation or factual information?
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    Post began with "Hopefully", so neither.
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    Sounds like a good explanation, but it could merely be coincidental.
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    I read it as (Hopefully they're switching voices) before the beta 2 release tomorrow.
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    Yep, crashing started today for me too. Pretty weird. I already restarted the phone two times now. Oh well.
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    Siri has definitely been emotional lately for me as well
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    Same with the crashing but yesterday it was working better than it ever had for me, was incredibly fast and responsive.
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    Yep. Same thing happening here. Springboard restarts almost everytime.
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    Just tried it,rebooted twice but seems to be working now.
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    Well that's what you get for inserting your own parenthesis #
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    just tried it and it rebooted once and seems to be working ok again for me.
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    Tried a few times and it crashed. Rebooted the phone with no luck, still crashing here
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    Crashes when first pulling it up. Then once it finishes rebooting it works super fast. Next time it crashes again. So super flaky.

    Sounds like a back end problem if we are all seeing.
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    Yeah, I just tried again and the exact same thing happened. At least it works initially after rebooting so there is some functionality now
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    I'm having the same issue.
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    This happened with Siri in the iOS 6 betas as Apple added features that we're only for certain beta builds. Since beta 2 Siri redirects to new servers which may be returning calls that beta 1 can't interpret which causes the respring.

    Good sign that Siri work is being done! I'm hopeful the Beta 2 release is tommorrow but that piece isn't a given.
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    Seeing the same problem here. Had to downgrade as I use Siri on my motorcycle quite often. Hopefully beta 2 fixes this problem and I can go back to iOS 7. I quite enjoyed the new layout.

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