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Site check

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by cwalton, Jan 17, 2004.

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    It looks cool... although scrolling through the portfolio seems counter-intuitive. Maybe reverse the direction on that?
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    Mr. Anderson

    A lot of the links to the websites come up with bad pages/links. But your site runs smoothly enough.

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    everything seems a bit small for my taste... i had to squint to read a lot of the stuff because of size and color.

    but i do like the simplicity and feel of the site.
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    Very nice overall. Here's a couple things I noticed:

    On the Experience page, the text tends to jitter when the box is sliding around, mostly under the 02, 03 options. (Safari v1.1.1)

    For the Portfolio page, I'm personally tired of that type of scrolling box with content. They're poor when it comes to usability and navigability, IMO. A simpler box with buttons on the left and right to move back and forth through the content would be better.

    edit - I also just noticed that IE5.1 on Mac pushes the top half of the swf out of the top of the viewport. Very weird.

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