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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by bluetooth, Sep 24, 2007.

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    May 1, 2007
    I am currently working on a 8.5x11 (11x17 layout spread) booklet (around 15 pages) and was wondering if anyone can make any recommendations with regards to binding, the client mentioned a full colour cover, photocopy job for the content pages and saddlestitched but I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions?

    The binding process is relatively new to me, but I am interested in learning. Any info or websites regarding binding options, pros/cons and price differences etc. would be appreciated.

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    For a booklet that size (4 sheets of 11x17), saddlestitching would be the simplest, most cost effective solution. If it was something more substantial, I'd consider other types.

    Here's a site
    I stumbled across after a search that explains some of your options, but, again, for such a small piece, saddlestitch is likely going to be your best bet.
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    I've designed and done pre-press on booklets up to 64 printed pages on leaflet stock with saddle-stitched with 2 wires (staples), beyond that number of pages it becomes more of a problem though - more creep and more issues with ballooning in the literature racks.

    Loop wire stitching is worth considering too - it gives a staple-bound booklet that can stand alone, but also be inserted into a ring binder or lever-arch file for collation with other documents.

    The other consideration is the print run, but given you're saying colour cover plus photocopied guts, I'm thinking a digital print shop is where you're headed. Most of them should have inline wire stitch finishers.
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    You can do a Singer sewn or a thread sewn spine on something like this – it's more expensive than saddle stitch but does look a lot more finished than staples.

    I can't find any pictures (and I'm about to go to bed :D), but have a nose on google. Singer sewn is where they stitch down the cover about 5mm in from the edge, so it's a visible line down the front (and you'd have to allow for the 5mm extra in the margins). Thread sewn is when they sew down the crease of the spine, so you see it when you look at the spine from the side (if that makes sense). Both of them look nice with a coloured thread. It will up the price a fair bit from saddle stitch though!

    Your other option is wire-o or spiral binding, which can look nice on the right job, but can also look a bit cheap. :eek:

    Talk to your printer though – they can recommend options and give you prices, and should be able to supply samples.
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    God knows, I've tried, but my Epson R800 is curiously silent on the subject - or any subject, for that matter. Perhaps I'm using the wrong printer language?
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    Excellent, thanks a lot for the info.

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