Skype Hurry!!!!!

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by poppe, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Skype please hurry!!! I need you. I have been drowning with out you for a year and I am getting the itch!

    Really any VOIP service is fine for me as long as I can make calls for free (Skype to Skype).
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    What do you want Skype to hurry and do? It works fine for me.
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    Haven't you tried Fring?

    EDIT:GG, I think he is talking about the iPhone's Skype.
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    It works amazingly for my Mac, but I want it as a native app on a locked iPhone.

    Looks like an awesome app, but I really don't want to unlock my phone. I know it is extremely simple, but I just don't want to mess with it. I'd rather just click download on iTunes and have an Skype there waiting on my iPhone.
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    Which is why it's in the iphone developer forum. ;)

    honstly though I would love skype on the iphone, not only for voip but also for IMs since that's what i mainly use it for.
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    Thanks. I missed that. I had filtered out all the iPhone stuff from my Forum Spy, but they added this new forum and it got past me.
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    iCall is comming...
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    Good point, I forgot about the IMing ability. Though, it would still be as bad as AIM's IM client because of this inability to run in the background; lets hope their push notification system works well.
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    Theres no way Apple will allow a Skype app...not a chance.
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    Apple has already stated that it will allow VOIP apps, as long as they only work on Wi-Fi, not Edge or 3G.
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    Apple's iPhone software development kit is already drawing complaints due to the strict terms of service. Voice over IP apps like Skype that attempt to use the cellular data connection will be blocked. Competing web browsers Firefox and Opera are forbidden. Even Sun is now backpedaling on its recent announcement of a java port, noting that there are some legal issues. Critics are already comparing Apple's methods to Comcast's anti-net neutrality filtering, and Microsoft's Netscape-killing antitrust tactics. Could Apple face government regulators?
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    I signed up for this forum just to reply to your question… (I googled Skype + iPhone)

    Actually, there’s an iPhone Skype application already called IM+ for Skype which supposedly works great when in the US (or anywhere else as long as you’re in your “home market”).

    I’m still waiting for my iPhone :( however I’ve been told (and had it confirmed by emailing the developer) that it lets you “chat” (text) all over the world for Skype Out prices - in other words pennies. It'll let you connect through the network OR through WiFi! Which is great!!!

    However, if you want to “talk” on Skype it’ll use the network connection and not WiFi so for example in my case when I’m home - it'll use AT&T's 3G network.

    If I'm in let’s say
    China I'd have to roam their network (PRICEY!) in order to “talk” through Skype. If so, I might as well sign up for an international plan with AT&T and make a regular iPhone call (~$1.99-2.99/min) since the roaming fees will be the same.

    I emailed the company that markets this application and they’re saying they’re “thinking” about making the “talk” feature available through WiFi - that'd be a HUGE improvement when Skyping from overseas on the iPhone to family and friends back home…

    I hope it’ll happen sooner rather than later; I'm a pilot and I'm out of the country approx 2 weeks every month... Would be great if I could make Skype calls back home from my iPhone instead of having to drag my laptop to the nearest Starbucks... ;)

    If you’re interested in Skype on the Iphone PLEASE email the developer ("Shape Services" - info on the web app page) to let them know this is important.

    I hope that if they hear from many people they’ll make the change.

    - If not, there’s already another iPhone application called Truphone (don't have a link but search in iTunes App store – Travel section, 2nd page) that’s basically a Skype through WiFi – little more expensive to use but at least you don’t have to roam… If Skype doesn’t change soon, I’ll switch…

    Here’s the Skype iPhone App I’m talking about…
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    IT's AT&T that is putting up arms. They lose money but not eating their minutes. Apple would allow such app, but will the partnership with AT&t allow it, No, or probably not.
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    Guys/gals - plz check your facts b4 you post - a partial Skype application is already available for the iPhone. Also, another, pure WiFi Voip application (Truphone) is available as well - see my previous post above...
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    Yes sorry I meant a FREE voip app, that is a free service.

    What I am trying to say is there a app, that is downloaded for free, and is a free service, where we can call anyone in the U.S.A. for free as long as we have Wifi?
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    I see your point - well, to me Skype might as well be called free because if I have to pay 2¢/min to call my wife on her cell phone or 0¢/min if I call her on her computer - for me that's as close to free as it'll ever get...

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