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Skype Updates iOS App With New Calling Experience and Bug Fixes

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Skype has updated its iPhone and iPad apps with a "new, beautiful calling experience" and a number of bug fixes and improvements.
    Skype is available for iPhone or iPad on the App Store. [Direct Links: iPhone, iPad]

    Article Link: Skype Updates iOS App With New Calling Experience and Bug Fixes
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    About Time.
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    Can I finally call a group now? Or do I still have to ask people to call me?
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    I don't understand why they wouldn't use the Apple Push Notifications like every other voip app in the App Store. Skype has the most unreliable call notifications. Most of the time it'll notify a missed call only when you open the app. The app also stays in the background all the time, eating battery cycles.
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    It's the Mac version that desperately needs a "new experience," not iOS.
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    Ooooh, so that's why their notifications are so spotty. I get texts from my wife (using Skype at work) and sometimes the notification stays on my lock screen for a short time and disappears, even though I don't unlock my phone. Sometimes I only get the Badge icon and no other notification. Sometimes's I'll get zero notification and have to manually check the app.

    My 2 biggest gripes with the iOS Skype app are that and it doesn't notify me at all when someone signs in or out.
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    Let me say, I'm using AT&T data plan, Skype Out/In numbers, Google Voice, and iPad mini as my telephone. I sold my iPhone.

    This all works surprisingly well, and I save over $60/month.

    Here is what I don't like about the Skype app.

    1. Can't use custom ringtones
    2. Need to click through several alerts when an incoming call comes
    3. When calling out, you need to click the contact, click voice, click the phone you want to call, then press the call button
    4. When an incoming call comes in, I need to click the alert, then click the skype button to talk. I often talk before doing the latter.
    5. Doesn't use Address Book images for incoming caller

    And a few more things. If they could solve a couple issues, some are imposed by Apple, I'd love it.

    Been almost one month with this setup as my main phone, and I love it.

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    But... but... it's so beautiful... :rolleyes:
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    Judging by that list, they STILL aren't properly using iOS Push Services. That means you cannot be logged in to even RECEIVE incoming notifications if the app isn't running 24/7, burning battery and RAM.

    Other IM apps don't have to stay running to stay logged in.
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    how about they actually show me when my friends are typing a message just like every other messaging service on the planet for iOS!
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    You can get incoming calls without having the app in the foreground. As long as it's in the tray. I leave mine in the tray 24/7 as I use Skype as my main phone, and I get great battery life, same as I did before I started using Skype.

    I will restart my iPad mini every few days though or when I've been doing a lot of stuff.
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    Skype is one of those messaging services which you have, but never use. It seems to spontaneously sign out, waste battery and miss notifications. Viber is a million times better for internet calls.

    Skype *does* do calls to normal mobiles, but its far too expensive to use imo.
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    Would you mind elaborating on how your setup works and how you use it?
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    Unfortunately, no. Nor can you send a picture to a group. I also wish I could transfer my call on desktop PC to IOS like I can the other way around.

    I use Skype daily to keep in touch with a group of people I originally met up with in Skypecasts. Most times, the quality of the audio surpasses most anything else out there with the exception of FT which is one to one only for now.

    They are just a couple features short of an amazing app. It's quite usable as it, just needs a bit more.

    My .02 FWIW
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    BiigBiscuit- Sure. I'll post when I get home tonight. It was working much better until the last Skype update, which seems to have messed up the notifications. But in all, it's still a suitable replacement for me.


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