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SL Server and iOS 4

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by Dimwhit, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Couldn't decide if I should post this here or in the iPhone forums, but does anyone know if iOS 4 is going to offer better support for AddressBook Server and iCal server? And by 'better' I mean any?
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    I don't think that anything has been publicly announced. If it hasn't been publicly announced, then it's still covered by NDA and won't be known until next week when the embargo gets lifted.
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    iOS 3 already supports CalDAV/iCal Server
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    Thanks pdjudd. I was mostly wondering if someone had heard anything specific. Guess I'll wait another week. :)

    But not Snow Leopard Server's implementation of it.
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    I use iCal Server on my Linux server (from macosforge) and I have no problem accessing my calendars from my iPhone. Apple even advertises iPhone support on their website http://www.apple.com/server/macosx/features/ical-server.html
    What doesn't work is syncing via iTunes. Your calendars won't be recognized as CalDAV calendars. You have to set them up manually.
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    Hmm. I forgot that it's supposed to be supported. It won't let me log on with my iPhone like i'm supposed to, though.

    It's actually AddressBook Server that hurts the most. I really need that functionality.

    Still, I'll have to work on the calendar part. Don't know why it won't work.
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    try adding the port number to your server address on your iPhone like this:

    example.com:8443 (for SSL encryption)

    I have to do this because my server uses non-standard ports and I have no problems logging in.
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    Weird, when I add the port number, it removes it before it will try to connect me.

    There is a port number in the advanced settings, and it's showing 8008. But I can't put it after the address.
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    the phone removes the port number but puts it into the advanced tab, i guess (happens for me, too).
    You can also test if the phone actually able to connect server by simply using your browser. Just browse to http://example.com:8008 or https://example.com:8443. A username/password dialog should pop up. If you are able to log in you can at least be sure it is not a networking problem or a wrong username or password.
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    Cool trick! Didn't think of that. I am able to log in, so at least I know I'm using the right username/password and the server is working. Thanks!
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    As per my reply on apples support forums.

    I can confirm with GM iOS it supports mac osx server much better now, iCal, AddressBook, CardAV and CalDAV.

    It also supports Gmail all in one rather than syncing and adding and exchange account.

    I just wish we could sync files now with the Server, unless Im missing something on that end.

    iOS is far more superior now...
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    Well, I'm slowly running out of ideas why it won't work on your phone :(
    Does it work with iCal? Maybe you need to create a calendar for your user first.
    Here are some instructions on how to setup CalDAV for various clients: http://trac.calendarserver.org/wiki/CalendarClients. Maybe you missed a step in the setup process.
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    I already have calendars set up. I use iCal Server in the office already. All our MacBooks/MacBookPros can connect up to it fine, and we've used it for a while.

    But for whatever reason, our phones just won't connect. I'm going to see if iOS 4 clears it up next week. Otherwise, I guess it's a call to Apple to see what the problem is.

    Thanks for the help, though!
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    OK, so after I posted that I tried going to my server using Safari (like you suggested), but on my phone. (I just tried from my laptop before). My computer gets to it fine, even from outside our office network, but my phone won't when I'm connected to our wi-fi network.

    So I turned off wi-fi on the phone and, lo and behold, I was able to set up the calendar on my phone!

    So I guess the next question is, why can't my phone access my network via the outside url from within my network? My computer can. Gotta be a DNS setting somewhere, I suppose, but the DNS settings within my network should be fine.

    Edit: And it doesn't look like you can view delegate calendars on the iPhone, right? I'm not seeing any of them, anyway.
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    I'm glad it finally worked :)
    It's hard to tell without knowing your network configuration. Could be a NAT/port forwarding or firewall problem. Do you use the same Wifi for your Macbook?

    That might be. I never used the more advanced features of CalDAV, but I have heard that there a some limitations on the iPhone.
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    Yeah, my MBP is on the same network and hits it just fine. That's why I'm so confused about it. I did change the DNS server in my Network settings on my Mac, so I'm guessing my phone is having problems on that end. But far as I know, you can't put in a custom DNS server on an iPhone. But within my network, the DNS server is handled through If my phone is hitting the wrong internal ip for DNS (the .0.3 is, I believe, my AEBS), then I guess it makes sense it can't see it.

    I googled a bit and found a workaround for the delegates. Not pretty, but it works fine.
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    OK, apparently, you CAN change the DNS settings on the iPhone, which I did. Everything works great! For iCal Server, anyway. Here's to hoping AddressBook server is, in fact, supported with iOS 4

    Thanks for the help, Cenobite!

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