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    Hi all,

    Ive just bought a Mac Mini Server, not because I want a server as such, more a HTPC that holds on my media. I realise now that having a bona fide server is overkill!

    When setting up the server, I'm puzzled about DNS settings and I can't continue the set up until I enter a DNS. I don't need access from outside my house, I just want it to host my files.

    I'm using a Time Capsule at the moment. I've tried reading some guides, such as Hoffmans but it's all Greek to me. I just want to use my Mini!!! Can I just bypass this whole DNS mess?

    Please help, and if possible, go easy on the technical terms!!

    Many thanks.
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    But will the Mac Mini ever need to access the Internet? If so, then it will need to know where the DNS server is. If, for example, you intend to keep your system software up-to-date, then you will need access to the Internet.

    Not familiar with Mac Mini initial setup, and it's been a long time since I set-up my Macbook. If you just use "automatic" or "DHCP" for your network setup, you should be good to go. It will pick up the DNS server automatically.

    But if it's asking for a DNS server, then you failed to tell it "automatic" or "DHCP" at some prior step, and now it's asking for manual IP setup details.
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    Unfortunately Snow Leopard Server doesn't work properly unless DNS is set up correctly. Frankly, if you want to avoid getting technically involved, install regular Snow Leopard on the system and be done with it.

    This article discusses how to setup DNS on Snow Leopard Server:

    My story, which does end successfully after working with it for several weeks, is here.
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    Yes for your needs I do believe you might be jumping off at the deep end :D

    For that you want to go with something generic like mini.somthing.private

    Since your not actually going to use the Mini as a DNS server you can make changes to this later. In fact its usually an idea to not configure much of the services in that first startup, a little less painful manually setting up each service when your up and running.

    Edit: Actually it might be wisest to follow talmy's advice and just use a regular install of OS X. Even once you get past that point there will be plenty of issues to follow if you don't know what your doing.
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    Many thanks for the replies.

    Can I literally make something up for the DNS? Will the Internet still work if I do this?

    Thanks for the links, which I have already read! As I previously mentioned, the Hoffman article is too complex for me.

    I don't actually think I'll use any of the services, perhaps the File Server but certainly not anything else.

    I need to format the Mini now as I want to RAID the 2 drives, hence the reformat. Can this be done via my MBP? I gave it a go earlier but I think I ran into a problem as I don't have a keyboard or mouse connected.

    Thanks again for your help. I am on verge of returning this, shame as the hardware is perfect for my needs, it's just the software that's a PITA!

    I've researched just putting client on it, but it's not supported (confirmed by AppleCare today) and difficult to do.

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    OK, sorry. Forgot to ask questions.

    Exactly just what do you mean by "enter a DNS"? Exactly what does the screen say?

    I was assuming it wanted to know what DNS server to use.

    Sounds from other's comments that it either wants information needed to set-up a DNS server on the mini, or else it simply needs you to supply a machine name. If it needs a machine name, just make something up - it's what your server will be known as on your LAN. You shouldn't have to supply a TLD. 'myserver' or some-such should work just fine. If it absolutely insists on a TLD, use ".lan" DON'T use .local, because that is reserved for Bonjour.
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    It saved the day for me, but I do have technical expertise. Until then my DNS was broken and operation was erratic. If you can't work through it then find either a Snow Leopard install disk for a current Mac mini or a recent Snow Leopard upgrade disk. I believe the later will work if it has a sufficiently recent version level to have the necessary drivers. Check around for other threads of people who have done this.

    Then you certainly don't need the server version.

    I did this by cloning to an external drive, booting from the external, reformatting the internal pair as RAID, and then cloning back. This can be done using Screen Sharing, but Screen Sharing won't work (from my experience) unless DNS has been set.

    To install a new OS you really need an external DVD drive, otherwise you can use an optical drive on another Mac to install software.
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    Thanks again for the reply.

    If I remember correctly, it was after I entered my personal details, there were 2 fields 'DNS' and 'Workgrop name', something like that. It wouldn't let me continue without DNS.

    So, I can bypass this all together?

    Also, referring back to my earlier question, can I reinstall SLS with just my MBP as I don't have a keyboard and mouse?

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    You don't need an external drive, just another mac. The 'Remote Install Mac OS X' utility makes re-installing OSX (client or server) very easy, although it does take a bit more time, but that is how I handled reinstalling OSX Server on my Mac Mini.

    If you want to try and accomplish a server setup, I say go for it. Your setup will be simple and should only take a little bit of time with Google and perhaps YouTube. I found some excellent YouTube videos of tutorials from that could help you. - shows a simple explanation of what DNS is - shows them setting up a simple primary zone on OSX Server

    Watching these and some of the videos that are related should help you.
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    Not really, it won't have a network connection yet to use Screen Sharing. I would either ask a friend to lend you a keyboard and mouse, or go pick up a set on the cheap on Amazon or something.
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    Thanks for the links there Buddy, I'll be sure to check those out.

    Right, Screen Sharing is working fine, Internet is working fine, I have a green light in my DNS status, am I good to go?

    I just put xxxxx.private for my DNS, will this do?
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    You should be able to just put your router/modem in as your DNS server. Since that is what it would be given if you were using DHCP anyways.

    If you don't want to do the reinstall, sounds like it

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