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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Ollifi, Aug 4, 2013.

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    When I'm for example transferring photos to Photobox with Chrome, in MBA, how could I easily prevent the computer from sleeping? I'd still like to lock screen somehow, that others cannot use my computer.
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    There are some apps for this, caffeine for example, but what I do is even simpler. I just changed the energy settings to never sleep but let only the display sleep. You can add a password through the security and privacy settings.
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    This is OK unless you have the newest MBA. The setting to separate Display Sleep and System Sleep are no longer there. As the screen switches off so do other aspects of the system (such as networks connections).

    The good news however is they can be adjusted from the Terminal.

    Here is the thread on the subject :

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    Ok. Is there any utility which I could use to adjust screen sleep/system sleep separately?
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    Waaa,.. that's just weird. Using a hotcorner to sleep the display only also doesn't work?

    No simple utility, but there is an easy command you need to run in Terminal.app to fix it :)

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