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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by rye9, Sep 29, 2005.

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    Is there a way to turn off the light that "breathes" next to the latch while the iBook is sleeping?
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    Don't think so. Why? Does it freak you out or something? :eek:
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    well if i let it sleep all night, id rather not have the light on for 1) to save battery 2) to not burn the light out 3) i dont want a light going on and off all night bc yeah it would freak me out sleeping next to a pulsating light
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    I love that little light.... it's kinda like watching it breathe :D
    Makes me feel reassured that it is still alive... ;)
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    all my friends love the sleeping pulsating light. i think its a cool feature. I do agree its bright in a dark room. I just turn it around when i go to bed so i dont get the direct light. but to answer your question, i dont know of a way to turn it off.
  6. jsw
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    It's an LED, so it won't burn out. Covering it with electrical tape is cheap and does the job well.
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    Eventually Apple will probably release an update that makes the light much dimmer at night. They did for the iMac G5s, even the Rev A ones without a light sensor will go very dim between like 8pm-8am. I'd imagine they're going to apply the same fix to iBooks, i mean, if they understand it's a problem for some people...

    This is why it's nice to have more than one room :)
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    Well, I do have more than one room. Im in a house, not a box. Also, does it drain the battery. If so, by how much percent? I like the suggestion about the tape over it but I would like to know that if you turn the screen brightness down, does it dim other lights too? (Apple logo, status light)
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    mad jew

    Dimming the screen will theoretically dim the logo on the back because that logo is just the same backlight as the actual screen however I find the difference pretty negligible between full screen brightness and the lowest brightness level, one up from screen-off.

    However, the sleep light is unrelated to the screen and dimming the screen will not have the same effect upon it. :(

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