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Sleeve recommendations for iPad with Belkin Grip Vue ?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jpmfan, Aug 6, 2010.

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    I will be receiving my iPad next week and ive already got accessories on order for it:

    Black Belkin Grip Vue and Orange MoviePegs

    My plan is to be able to have the iPad always in the Belkin case and then to get a sleeve to use for when i travel that can also fit the MoviePegs in. I was thinking maybe a neoprene sleeve with reinforced panels.

    Anyone have any good suggestions of a case that will fit the iPad in with the Belkin on and space to throw the MoviePegs in too?
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    had wondered about that. I would imagine that Belkin should make it that the Grip Vue should fit in one of their cases, but i think i'll try in store like you said. Cheers for the reply
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    Incase Neoprene Sleeve. I was using this while I had my iPad in the Belkin Grip Vue.
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    Incase neoprene sleeve! I have Grip vue and this sleeve with my iPad now. Very happy with these.
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    STM Jacket
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    Nicolle Casey

    iPad sleeve recommendation

    I can recommend iShine Sleeve if you're looking for a sleeve that protects and also cleans your iPad screen..
    I came up with the idea of a microfiber sleeve because I had no practical solution to clean my iPad - and it proved very useful when traveling.

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    Ended up with the belkin sleeve. Really happy with it. Typing from my iPad right now, just waiting for my moviepegs and power support protector.

    Thanks for all the replies though
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    Glad it worked out. Let us know how the MoviePegs perform.
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    Yeah, I would also be interested.
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    will do, i think they were posted on Friday so fingers crossed i'll get them this coming week. I'll try write a little review of them. Tempted if they dont fit with the Belkin on to mod them to make them grip it with the case on

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