Sluggish performance since upgrade

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by deejayrob, Feb 19, 2008.

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    I love AppleTV, at least i did until the update. It now seems to be way sluggish in performing all of the functions that it performed with ease prior to the update.

    I removed all of the music content as was suggested by another post and it still runs slow.

    It takes forever for AppleTV to even turn on or off.

    I do not use it for movie rentals at all. I use it only for listening to my music and looking at photos and the occasional broswe of YOUTUBE.

    I miss the ease of the way it operated when I first bought it. Can anyone offer a suggestion, please?

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    I've noticed the same thing on mine since the upgrade. Navigating through my own media (something that Apple now seem to see as a very low priority as it's now at the bottom of all the lists now, while you using your own media you aren't spending) is now painfully slow.
    The whole device now is more or less completely focussed on movie rentals (I suppose it is called AppleTV), which to my mind is a shame a) because I liked to use it primarily as a music jukebox and b) at the moment the selection of movies on offer is pretty pretty poor.
    If you live outside the US I can't really see the point in the box anymore.
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    I too am struggling with the update.:mad:

    It works ok on most of the functions but navigating my own movies is now a real pain !!

    The cursor bar is so sluggish now it even freezes (again on my own movies), switch to Apple`s own movies and works a treat.;)

    Has anyone any ideas of a fix as is driving me off using it and i own 2 atv`s !!
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    I also have noticed the UI is a little sluggish since the update.
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    For me, it depends on what I'm doing. Clearly, with streamed video content, the appearance of the image is characterized by, at best, sluggish.
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    I have the same problem. I wrote about it in another thread:

    I only sync my photos and music videos and i stream everything else.

    But I'm noticing that when i even scroll over the music video menu option under My Music, the whole system hangs for about a minute.

    Same with My Photos... takes about a minute for the menu to load.

    My movies, tv shows, podcasts and regular music (all streamed) show up instantly, no hangups.

    Is anyone else having this problem? Do I have a faulty hard drive?
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    Are you streaming from your itunes machine? If so, are you using a wired or N network? I'm loving the new interface. Works like a champ for me .. I'm on a wireless-N network and have the itunes sych set to show all my itunes library entry on the apple tv (there is a check-box to only display those sync'd titles). When i select something to play, I notice a slight pause as it downloads those titles not directly sync'd (aka: local) to the apple tv. otherwise, the screens/menus/etc all work great.
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    Glad to hear I am not the only one to have problems. I noticed that it was working much better yesterday when I arrived home from work. I am beginning to wonder if it is a network problem as some of the other post have suggested. I have to tell you that it worked like a charm now I am stumped, but happy with the performance.

    Thanks to everyone for joining in the discussion.
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    Yep definate slow down when browsing through my media too.
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    Yeah I'm streaming wirelessly on an N network, but it's definitely slow and sluggish, but only on my sync'd content.
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    Meant to say, this is my local AppleTV media, not streaming.
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    Same with mine. Streaming works faster than the stuff actually sync'd to the atv hard drive.

    Strange, no?
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    I'm experiencing sluggishness as well. When playing back music from My Music (all files stored on the aTV), the album art "flip" occasionally stutters. Menus generally feel sluggish.

    I subscribed to a photo album via Flickr with between 100-200 pictures, and left this playing in the background one evening. Getting aTV to exit the slideshow and return to the menu was painfully sluggish. Eventually, everything got so sluggish the machine automatically rebooted itself!
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    I have the same issue with Podcasts, TV shows and Movies.
    If I scroll fast it's fine, but if I stop long enough for it to start loading the cover art, it hangs for a second or so until the image is displayed. This is very frustrating.

    This is with a wired network and occurs for both local and streaming content.
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    I am having the exact same problem. Has anybody found a fix for this yet?
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    I`ve run the recent iTunes software update to fix this and now spot on - brilliant !
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    I have the latest iTunes and it made no difference. :confused:
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    I'll try it this weekend. Did you have to re sync your library, or did it just work?
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    i guess it's the updates..
    it never happend to me, or i just haven't noticed it
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    Didn`t have to resync ATV no. Having said works fine now on my upstairs ATV and it still does:), my downstairs ATV is still a bit sticky on my movies ! Spoke too soon maybe. :confused:
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    I think Apple might have underclocked the :apple:TV in the Take 2 update. It runs much cooler now.

    That might be affecting performance. In My Podcasts, it does hang for quite a bit. I'm starting to notice it in other areas as well. It's very frustrating.

    I hope Apple releases a new update to address this.
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    +1, especially in My Podcasts.
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    I had sluggish performance on UI and during streaming video playback of iTunes purchased movies. No problems prior to 2.0. Using a wireless N network and HDMI output. After a bunch of troubleshooting I found the problem to be the HDMI output. I even tried HDMI at 720p with no improvement. Using composite outputs I have much better performance. Seems to be something with the HDMI handshaking with my brand new 46" Sony LCD. I have read other posters indicate no problem with HDMI, so maybe this is just certain brands of TV's?
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    ^ You're on to something. My TV crashes :apple:TV quite often. Sometimes when I turn my TV on or change the input to the HDMI input where :apple:TV is connected it restarts and I get a diagnostics request page.

    I don't have composite cables so I haven't been able to test it, but others appear to have "solved" their problem by not using HDMI. This is at best a workaround though and Apple should be on their toes really solving this.
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    Yes, I'm convinced it is a real problem for at least some users (me) and that most likely it has to do with the brand of TV (HDMI protocols, etc). But, I know very little about HDMI interface. I was very annoyed by this problem and troubleshot it pretty thoroughly. In my case, there is a pretty clear HDMI issue with :apple:TV take two. I wonder how many users are experiencing glitchy performance and failing to attribute it to HDMI vs Composite. I was certainly hesitant to believe it, but feel confident I've verified it.

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