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SmartShell + Smart Cover

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ethics101, Jun 18, 2011.

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    I was looking for the thinnest and lightest possible case while still providing full protection. Was going to go with the Mcally Dualstand2, but I needed screen protection.

    Anybody rolling with the SmartShell by Speck + a Smart Cover? I'm still undecided on whether to go leather or plastic for the smart cover. Any input would be appreciated.
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    I ordered the smart shell from amazon today. I am using a belkin snap case for right now though, I only got my iPad 2 last night once my iPad 1 sold on eBay.

    Anyway the snap shell seems to be a bit hard to find since best buy doesn't list it on the site. Amazon says that it might ship in 1-3 weeks. 3rd Party sellers had them available on Amazon though.

    As far as the smart cover if you saw the vid on speck's site about the smart shell you'll see the wear on the leather smart cover that the guy was demonstrating with. Though both versions will eventually show signs of wear.
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    Thanks for the info. I think I'll just go with the plastic version because its cheaper and does just as good a job protecting. Ha I ordered it on Amazon today too, but through MyGearStore because they said I would receive it by next friday. Also no tax. It was $27 I believe.
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    I have Amazon Prime so I think it came out to around $24 w/no tax & shipping

    You will have yours before me, my estimated delivery is 7/1-7/13 so post back on what you think of it :)

    The main thing I like about this case is that is has the magnet on the back to catch the smart cover, I don't always want to have it folded up into the typing position and what not.
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    I got mine today. I ended up canceling my order through amazon and using one of the third party sellers that was listed, since they were in NJ and I'm in NJ it didn't take long for it to get here.

    I like it so far. It is legit clear though which I love. The belkin snap case I was using that was supposed to be clear was actually frosted. I'll get some pics of once I've had more time to use it.
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    This is the setup i am going to have (w/ PS anti-glare screen protector). I can't wait for my case to get here. I ordered from Amazon (said 1-4 weeks) and got an email today saying that it will ship sooner than they anticipated. Hopefully it gets in the mail in a day or 2 and with 2-day prime shipping i hope to have it by mid to late next week.
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    I was just on amazon and they showed it as in stock, It should leave today via UPS since you have prime. Depending on where it is shipped from you could have it tomorrow.

    I love Amazon Prime :D
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    That is for the clear one. I should have specified i went with the Black. Looking back i should have just went with the clear. Hopefully mine ships in a day or 2. If not i may go back and order the clear and cancel the black.
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    (you can click the thumbnails for larger versions)

    So far, I like it. I don't need to struggle to lift up the smart cover since there is a cutout in the middle of the right side. also there is only a tiny gap between where the smart cover attaches to, I like that as well. The belkin snap shield I was using had a huge gap between where the case ended and the smart cover attached.
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    I received an email last night that my Smartshell shipped and is to arrive TODAY!!!! Can't wait to try it out. It doesn't take much to make me a satisfied customer (function as it is supposed to, with no defects) so hopefully i can report back good things.
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    +1 for the smart shell and smart cover

    I love mine. I tried a few different cases, and while I liked them, they never really worked as well as the smart cover did. Eventually I just caved and got a smart cover, but noticed the smart shell as well. Both put together really made the device perfect for me. I don't think I would ever switch to a different case combo, the only thing I can see myself switching away for would be a Clamcase. :D

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