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Smashed 360

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Dagless, Jun 1, 2007.

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    I've ended up with a friends broken 360, it fell off a high shelf onto a hard floor. What it was doing up on a high shelf I've no idea. All I know that nothing on the motherboard appears to be broken, short of a few scuffed edges around the unit (actually quite surprised at how small a 360 really is).

    It's promising in that the machine turns on, with a green light and everything. Yet it dies about 10 seconds later. My guess is that the fan or some kind of cooling device isn't working and therefore shuts off the system as the temperature rises.

    On a side note it's quite funny seeing a smashed 360 working whereas a previously fine 360 would get the Red Ring. The hardware itself seems quite sturdy.

    Anyroad. if I fix it - it's mine. Apparently. I'd just need to buy a HDD (the previous drive doesn't work at all) and a Live subscription. It's a long shot... but has anyone come across something similar or have any ideas of whats cutting out the 360?
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    Try Xbox Scene personally.

    I know I've dropped my Xbox (a lot) and it keeps on going. Though its the original, not the 360, and the originals are built like friggin' tanks.

    Also, Xbox Scene has a marketplace that caters to only 360 parts.

    I've seen a TON of 20GBs go on there for less than $50 US.

    They're really helpful too. I wasnt able to get my Xboxs' modchip to work right when I bought and swapped into a new casing for the machine, and a few of the guys suggested checking the wire point on the bottom of the main board, and sure enough, it was broken. Resoldered it, and boom, works and turns on right EVERYTIME.
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    AFAIK it was being used as a streaming/media device which is why it was tucked out of harms way up on the shelf. So chances are that DVD drive hasn't been used much at all. which is a bit of a shame if it's all beyond repair.

    Anywho. Attached a pic. And I'm expecting a 360 Lite in the coming years. They could really make that thing smaller!

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    Just try snooping around in there, check the fan power cable that plugs into the mobo, if that came loose in the fall, then all you would probably have to do is reconnect it.
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    Bit of an update, since my brother disconnected a lot of stuff himself trying to fix it the red lights weren't showing up. It now shows 2 red lights and I've found the fan has a blade missing (though I don't think this would have much of an impact).

    Google tells me 2 lights means overheating. I even stuck the 360 into the fridge and turned it on, but it still had the red lights.

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    It'd be cool if you can suss the problem and get a free 360. It's be really sweet as it's already been through the ringer so to speak so you wouldn't feel so bad modding it and trying different things out with the box...might get some neat stuff going.

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    Speaking of which, found out that the DVD drive has already been modded. I'm hoping I'll be able to "un"-mod it, I dont want to get banned off Live dammit :eek:

    I've been reading up and it turns out the heatsink might have become dislodged from one of the big chips. It's missing a one of the screws underneath so I'm hoping this will fix it. Like I said - it's not giving me the hardware fault ring so I've got very high hopes with this! But to score a £200 for free is fantastic! We even got a working wireless controller :)

    So... Anyone know where I'd get another one of them strange screws from? And a matching screwdriver?
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    You can buy a new fan for it from either Llamma.com, fleabay, or other sources.

    They even make replacement ones that glow blue, red, and green, as well as UV.


    Luckily too, you can also buy a replacement case from the same sources, in a number of different colors if the case got damaged. They come with all the pieces too. The XCM ones are the best (I got a crystal one for my original Xbox, and it looks sweet)

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