SMS app replacement?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by adder7712, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. adder7712, Sep 22, 2013
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    I like stock but don't like the MMS size limitations. I tried Go, Handcent, and couple others that I didn't like. Ultimately I settled on Textra and couldn't be happier. It doesn't offer the tons of functionality that many of other pile on and I would never use--simple and clean look, pop-up replying works great.
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    Thank you for the recommendation! Looks really nice.

    (Building up my app list for the Nexus 5) :)
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    I use Textra as well and it's by FAR the best SMS replacement app I've tried. HIGHLY recommended.
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    I use Handcent since I got my S3 as I didnt like the stock.

    I like it because I can do a quick reply from anywhere even on top of the lock screen.
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    I kid you not, everyone should use Textra. The only bad thing about it is it's app icon. However, this is how texting should have been on Android. At least until Google gets Hangouts SMS/MMS capabilities.
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    Using Textra here as well, but I miss the quick reply popup from ChompSMS. It works so well and the one from Textra only works when the screen is unlocked (kinda defeats the purpose). But the dark setting on Textra is nice and I love how it functions.
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    Gotta have the quick reply capability after being spoiled with it.

    Has changed texting altogether for me.
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    I've tried quite a few replacements (chomp, Go SMS Pro, Handcent, Pansi SMS, Quicktouch).

    Used to use Go SMS, but got tired of the ads and increasing lag I would experience

    Switched to default messaging, but would miss out on some MMS images due to size limitations

    JUST installed textra based on recommendations in this thread and it's awesome! Thanks guys
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    Yep decided to give textra a whirl and its nice :) better than Sammy's stock messaging app anyway :)
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    Started using Textra. Love how clean and minimalistic it is. :D
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    I recommend Textra as well.
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    Funny, I was about to give your recommendation a try as well, like the sliding functionality and clean look, appears similar to stock Android app, whose appearance I like.
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    I had some troubles with the stock Sammy messaging app. Textra is such a delight.
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    Tried Textra last night but didnt like that there was no quick reply on top of the lock screen function.

    That is a must now after being spoiled by that function in Handcent so i went back.
  20. Razeus, Sep 24, 2013
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    Yep. The stock app gives me an error like "file to big" and it over compresses the photos I'll send. If I tried to send multiple photos of my son to my wife in 1 message, it'd get that "too big" message.

    I did the same thing with Textra, and BOOM, it send 5 high rez 20 megapixel images that were about 12 megabytes in size each without a problem. No error messages, no "compressing the photo" messages. It just took care of it and sent it, they way I've been used to on iOS. I'm sure it shrunk the photos to get it through, but it "just worked" as it should.

    Pro tip: Go into MMS settings and change the "send size limit" to the Max your mobile provider allows. Mine is sent to 600KB (default is 300kB) for AT&T's network.

    Edit: Also, download the emoji's pack for Textra.
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    Are you rooted? If you are, I'd highly recommend getting the CyanogenMod SMS app. You can use it without actually installing CyanogenMod.

    It's basically the exact same as the stock app, supports MMS, and supports Emojis.
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    CM easily has the best messaging app IMO
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    This will all go away once Google fully outs Hangouts. I'm really surprised Google has nothing native that's comparable to iMessage. I'd like to see iMessage, Dialer and Facetime be one app from Apple. I really hope Google will pull this off. I'm hoping for it to be in Android 4.4 KitKat.
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    I agree their stock app needs to be so much more than it is. Would be great if hangouts is that all in one solution, but I have been hearing that for a year now and the last upgrade was just a name change and a few UI changes.
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    I still don't know why it takes so long to put in SMS/MMS into hangouts. I consider iMessage a major feature that prevents switchers from going to Android. I know it was for me and I sorely missed it when using Samsung's stock messaging app. I'm glad I found Textra, but it seems to be Google should be all over this by now. I also wish Google Voice was the native built in dialer, because the S4 version is not a pretty sight at all. :p I'm just saying something like this is a deal breaker for most switchers and Google should already have something like iMessage by now. It's been 2 years since Apple launched that?


    Those guys really need to start parting their apps and putting them in the Play Store.

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