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Snow Leopard Server AD Integration and Authentication

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by wrpstech, Feb 12, 2010.

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    I am a newby to Snow Leopard server. We recently upgraded our Podcast Server to Snow Leopard. My question is that when I open the main web interface of the server, I see 4 choices, My Page, Wikis, Blogs, and Podcast Producer. When I try to log-in to Podcast Producer my AD credentials work. When I try to log-in to My Page, my AD credentials fail. If I setup a local account I can log-in to My Page with those credentials. I would like to get the AD integration so that any domain user can use their AD credentials to log-in. Any ideas?
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    What do you mean with AD credentials ... Windows AD credentials ? Or the Open Directory from OSX ? I'm guessing the first one ...

    You need to provide more info ... Did you leverage the Open Directory ? As in integrate it with AD ?
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    Windows AD credentials. We use dual boot macs and can authenticate with windows AD credentials on both Mac OSX and Windows. I am not an expert on this. All know is that when I open up the web page from the Snow leopard side that I can authenticate with a lapd account for the My Page section but not with a Windows Ad account. But for the Podcast Capture icon Windows AD credentials work fine. The Snow leopard server is getting Open Directory from another OSX server.
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    Attached is what I see when I open my Snow Leopard server web page.

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    In server admin for the server have you verified which users (a select few or all) can access your services? Its just a guess but it may be that some services are limited to specific users. If your AD users/groups imported correctly you should be able to hit the + and add any users you want to be able to access each service.

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